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Icon11 How to use the PPC as an External GPS Receiver for a Laptop

This Can Come in Handy in Many Every Day Applications

Solution: How to the PPC as an External GPS Receiver for a Laptop
[Works 100%]

Introduction: I found out this topic on a Forum, originally posted by Motukker (a pilot by profession) @ XDA Developers Forum way back in 28th May 2008.

Overview: This topic deals with the much awaited issue about how to the PPC as your External GPS Receiver for a Laptop. This needs some intervention to be done both on PPC and the Laptop.

Hardware Requirement:
1.Laptop/PC running on Windows XP, Vista or Seven, with or without an integrated Bluetooth Device, but must have working USB-2 ports. And, you should always have Active Sync (WinXP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Win Vista or 7) installed.
2.Pocket PC running on Windows Mobile 6, 6.1 or 6.5. It must have an inbuilt GPS receiver. Its device specific. Don’t try all these, if you don’t have it. (Refer to your Hardware Guide Details Manual.)
3.A connecting USB cable, supplied along with your PPC (if you haven’t bought a stolen one, LOL!)

Software Requirement: This takes into account the followings.
1. GPS2Blue (with MS DotNet CF 2.0, may work with later versions too), on PPC (WM 6-6.5)
2. HW Virtual COM Port Single 3.1.0 on Laptop/PC (WinXp –Win 7)
And good news is that it's all for free.

Step1: (on Your PPC)
Download GPS2Blue.


Remote Link:
Transfer the file to PPC.
Install in the device memory (Preferably).

Step2: (on your PPC)
Download Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 2 (or higher)*


Remote Link:
MS DotNET Compact Framework 2.0 or higher is required.
Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 2 must be manually installed in the PPC (Preferably, in Device Memory).
(* if not preloaded within the ROM)
(**Note: Microsoft releases .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 which can be easily installed on storage card. But, installing on Device Memory would allow you to work even without a Storage Card. Choice is yours.)

Step3: (on your Laptop/PC)
Download HW Virtual COM Port Single* 3.1.0


Use it to create virtual COM ports on your PC, from TCP/IP. Its useful for those who don’t have an integrated Bluetooth Device on their Laptops/PCs. Those who have it may use Bluetooth. Its specially useful for me because, my New OS (Win 7) has succumbed my Bluetooth. And now, I don't have a working Bluetooth yet...


Remote Link:
(*Do NOT use the Multi Port Version, I couldn’t make it to work. So better, you avoid it.)


How to use with TCP/IP over USB?
1. On the PC, install HW VSP Single Port (version 3.1.00 or newer, when available). Choose the standalone application installation mode while installing.

2. Connect the PDA to the PC with an USB cable.

3. On the PC, run HW VSP.
-In Settings tab: check "TCP Server Mode" and,
to avoid unwanted traffic, uncheck "NVT Enabled".
-In Virtual Serial Port tab: set the Port Name (the port
to be created on the PC, it must be a free COM port not already
used on the PC; for example COM3). Set IP Address to and Port to 31873.

Note: to accept only data from the PDA, instead of you can put the IP address of the PDA obtained with the "What's my IP" menu item of GPS2Blue. (Its Device-specific, let’s call it

-Click on Create Com.

4.On the PDA, run GPS2Blue.
-Set the GPS COM port (it's the COM port that Windows Mobile
uses for GPS communication. Its available under Settings => system=> External GPS Menu. Though, it depends of your PDA model).

You can choose the GID port if available.
-Set the communication Speed of the GPS COM port (depends of
your PDA model, usually 4800). I use 38400. Don't ask me
why, but it works great!
-Check TCP/IP box (and uncheck BT box).
-Click the On button.
Note: if everything is OK, Bytes: xxx will increase in GPS2Blue and Rx Counter will increase in HW VSP.

5. On the PC, run your GPS software (MMI Black Edition PC Version in this case worked flawlessly, couldn’t manage to work with Google Earth though)
-Set the COM port to the once created by HP VSP (COM3 in our example).
-Set the speed to the once set in GPS2Blue (4800 in our example).
-Start the connection.

Motukker is a pilot, and he tested everything in the aircraft on PocketFMS, the day before posting these all



And because the HTC is attached via the USB to the laptop, it uses the battery of the laptop as an external power!!!.


Credit goes to Motukker @ XDA Developers Forum

Available Alternatives:

Alternatively, you may use some Sharewares/Freewares:
They are equally good.
Franson GPS Gate
Andrew Klopper GPSProxy
Exosyphen Studios Port Splitter

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