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Forum Rules
In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:


Any form of advertising or soliciting members or commercial website linking (excluding signatures of current smartphonejunkie advertisers) whether publicly posted (including signatures) or sent privately (including email or PM) is strictly prohibited. This also includes, but is not limited to advertising with the intent to help people or to provide free products or services (e.g. free unlocking in a posts), or links containing a referral or affiliate ID. While the forum is free for you to use, it is costly and time consuming for us to run so spam makes it harder to fund the forums. If you wish to advertise please use our contact form First.

Respect Towards other members

Be respectful of others. Flaming is okay until someone states they no longer want to participate or it gets out of hand. The Moderators will decide if it gets out of hand.

Auction House Rules

Dealer section Rules you must follow rules. Read here for details:

Dealer Rules

Language Barriers

Post in Language that we can understand. We don't have problems with other languages joining the forum, but most people here speak English if you having problem go to vb chat and someone that can understand the language barrier can help. Thanks

For Spanish Speaking members please post here for any questions you may have.

Religion And Politics

No religion slender or Politics. Keep discussions conflict free. This community forum practice freedom of speech.

Multiple identities

Only one username or account is allowed per forum member. If you have forgotten your log in information, do not create a new account, please contact us.

Private Messages

No PM's to Moderators or Admins on 'how to do stuff and or how to unlock my phone or 'Can you mod this or that any questions you have post it, that's why we have a thread or post use it.


Being banned means that you have somehow managed to piss off someone here and that is not easy to do. But if you did, you can no longer post in the forums and any and ALL your messages may be deleted. Also if you are Banned that is for life, unless one of the admins says otherwise. If you re-register under a new name we will match your IP address (which is very easily done) and ban your IP all together.

Double Posting

Please post to the MOST relevant forum. Double or cross forum posting or other attempts at flooding the forum with posts will be removed.

Off Topic posting

Please keep posts relevant to the particular forum title. It’s natural for posts to become off topic but a great disruption of the flow of conversation will be moved to the Lounge at our discretion.

Thread Titling

Use appropriate thread titles.

If it is not suitable for people to view at work then label it as NSFW! (Not Suitable For Work)..

No special Characters like "!@#$%^&*()".Clean titles Only.

Rated R Threads

All pictures posted must be rated R or lower. Nudes are allowed but can not reveal below the belt which means NO GENITALS! there will be a thread with password protected just for that only Thanks.Admin or Moderators will judge what is and is not appropriate.

Live Links (Hyperlinked)

Do not post any live links (Hyperlink) to other website without information of said product.You must post information of the product followed by author info.

Continued disregard of following forum policy will result in a ban.

Search Button

People we have a search button use it if you have a question please use the search buttons if it's not there then you post if any of the mods or admin see you're not using the search button your post will not be answered it will be closed.

No Crapping In the Thread

If you have nothing nice to say then stay quiet. If your comment does not apply to the thread topic then you shouldn't say anything at all.


Any content that is unlawful, harmful, harassing, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, hateful or distasteful in nature are prohibited. Swearing is prohibited as we have a wide age range. This site employs a profanity filter. Please use appropriate language. Character substitutions, spacing, spelling variations or any form of modified spelling in order to get the word to pass through the filter is absolutely prohibited. Continued threats against a member, moderator or administrator will NOT be tolerated. If you disagree with another member, respond to the subject, not the person as the Internet has made it easy to make personal attacks, you must still exercise courtesy and self-restraint here. Please use the PM (Private Messaging) system to resolve personal issues.

Programs (Crack,Hack,Key Codes)

There will be no talking , writing or posting about any hack programs we will not distribute, share of such program.Failure to comply with the forum policy will result in an immediate ban.
If at any reason you do not understand you can pm (private message) me any staff on the board.

Lab Or Depot

Absolutely no lab or depot will be mention here at all to our staff or anybody if your caught asking for it you will take a vacation. If you're curious to what that is pm an admin or moderators.

Unwanted Reply Message

We have a thank you button in the thread area when replying to a thread use the button, do not reply in short message. Like wow, cool, lolzzzz and other bull shit comments. If I see a bull shit comment I will delete it and if it keeps happening I will take your're privileges in replying to comments

Smartphonejunkie (Copyright Notice) Please Read

to all members and staff and visitors, SPJ does not and will not host any files to the server without the written consent from the owner or owners if any files hosted by our members and staff with out the written approval the members and or staff will be banned from the site and file will be deleted.If you have any questions or not sure what to upload feel free and send me a pm or email at thank you, site admin

Avatar Size

There will be a set size for members which normally set to 100x100 if you are a paid member your size will be 176x220, There will be no X-Rated Picture in your avatar. We have people that browse the forum and you never know if you have kids under 18 viewing so if i see any X-rated avatar i will delete it and restrict you from posting one up. Any questions send me a pm.

Account removal policy

It is our policy that user accounts will not be deleted. If you have privacy concerns please choose a different username from the one you'd normally use and try not to post anything. Please note that this is done to ensure the continuity of the forums.

Privacy of members

Revealing personal information such as full names, mailing address or other information that is invasive of others privacy without their express consent is prohibited.


his refers to posting with the deliberate intention to either pad your post count or to keep a thread ‘hot’ so it appears at the top of the forum. These type of posts can be described as useless information, gibberish, redundant or one-liners. Please try our search tools to see if there has already been a similar discussion first.

Viewer Discretions

Please keep discussions tasteful. We do not care if you use R rated words and images but anything more should be posted in the x rated thread if not followed you will be banned for 30 days. You have to join the Adult Viewer Membership in your control panel to post any X-Rated Stuff.

What if I see something on the forums that violates a rule?

There is a Report bad post button on the bottom left side of each post or you can send a PM to a moderator in the Forum Leaders list.

What if I have been banned?

Please keep in mind that as a busy forum we will not further debate your ban. If we suspect that you have signed up with a new username, those will also be banned. However, if you have mistakenly been banned (through no fault of your own) we apologize and will investigate the matter.

What if I dont understand a rule or not sure if I can post something?

We will not take ignorance of any rules or policies as an excuse for not following them. Please contact us first if you are unsure if the information you wish to post may conflict with our rules or policies.

Software (ROMS,SKINS,ETC) Releases

Hack Release:

1. Members and Staff are not to create a thread on Hack Release,Skins,Theme's and Others.And claim it as yours.

2. Any copyrighted material that you obtained to share must receive permission or you must describe a partial description of the Author in detail and a link redirecting to the site.

3. If anyone is caught copying or redistributing on spj will result in a permanent ban.

With respect to text or data entered into and stored by smartphonejunkie (member/s), the submitting user retains ownership of such Public Content; with respect to publicly-available statistical content which is generated by the site to monitor and display content activity, such content is owned by smartphonejunkie (member/s). In each such case, the submitting user grants smartphonejunkie the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, and display such Content (in whole or part) worldwide and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed, all subject to the terms of any applicable license.

Using Code Links To Url

When posting a url linking to other sites, you are to use the code tags.Failure to follow rules will result in a fraction.To many fractions will result in ban from SPJ.

How To Get Around SPJ

For those that are clueless and have no idea how to get around the forum click here are relevant information is posted there.

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