'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:029: 029 029
:beauty: Beauty Beauty
:curl-lip: Curl Lip Curl Lip
:glasses-nerdy: Glasses Nerdy Glasses Nerdy
:mask: Mask Mask
:radar: Radar Radar
:soldier: Soldier Soldier
:yawn: Yawn Yawn
:knife: Knife Knife
:no: No No
:sidefrown: Sidefrown Sidefrown
:turtle: Turtle Turtle
:brunette: Brunette Brunette
:clap: Clap Clap
:eek: Eek Eek
:48: 48 48
:biggrin: Biggrin Biggrin
:cute: Cute Cute
:goat: Goat Goat
:meeting: Meeting Meeting
:rainbow: Rainbow Rainbow
:star: Star Star
:yin-yang: Yin Yang Yin Yang
:party: Party Party
:silly: Silly Silly
:twitcy: Twitcy Twitcy
:cloudy: Cloudy Cloudy
:excruciating: Excruciating Excruciating
:lashes: Lashes Lashes
:066: 066 066
:bomb: Bomb Bomb
:dance: Dance Dance
:hammer: Hammer Hammer
:mobile: Mobile Mobile
:rose-dead: Rose Dead Rose Dead
:stop: Stop Stop
:skeleton: Skeleton Skeleton
:vampire: Vampire Vampire
:clown: Clown Clown
:female-fighter: Female Fighter Female Fighter
:laugh: Laugh Laugh
:phone: Phone Phone
:boy: Boy Boy
:desire: Desire Desire
:handshake: Handshake Handshake
:moneymouth: Moneymouth Moneymouth
:rotfl: Rotfl Rotfl
:sun: Sun Sun
:068: 068 068
:sleepy: Sleepy Sleepy
:waiting: Waiting Waiting
:airplane: Airplane Airplane
:coins: Coins Coins
:fingers-crossed: Fingers Crossed Fingers Crossed
:loser: Loser Loser
:pill: Pill Pill
:bulgy-eyes: Bulgy Eyes Bulgy Eyes
:disapointed: Disapointed Disapointed
:hug-left: Hug Left Hug Left
:moon: Moon Moon
:sarcastic: Sarcastic Sarcastic
:talktohand: Talktohand Talktohand
:071: 071 071
:poop: Poop Poop
:smile: Smile Smile
:waving: Waving Waving
:004: 004 004
:angel: Angel Angel
:confused: Confused Confused
:foot-in-mouth: Foot In Mouth Foot In Mouth
:love: Love Love
:pissed-off: Pissed Off Pissed Off
:cake: Cake Cake
:doctor: Doctor Doctor
:hypnotized: Hypnotized Hypnotized
:msn-busy: Msn Busy Msn Busy
:secret: Secret Secret
:terror: Terror Terror
:109: 109 109
:smirk: Smirk Smirk
:wilt: Wilt Wilt
:13: 13 13
:arrogant: Arrogant Arrogant
:console: Console Console
:frown: Frown Frown
:mad-tongue: Mad Tongue Mad Tongue
:plate: Plate Plate
:present: Present Present
:camera: Camera Camera
:doh: Doh Doh
:island: Island Island
:msn_online: Msn Online Msn Online
:sheep: Sheep Sheep
:thunder: Thunder Thunder
:bgcool: Bgcool Bgcool
:snicker: Snicker Snicker
:wink: Wink Wink
:025: 025 025
:bad: Bad Bad
:cowboy: Cowboy Cowboy
:giggle: Giggle Giggle
:mail: Mail Mail
:qq: Qq Qq
:drink: Drink Drink
:kiss: Kiss Kiss
:musical-note: Musical Note Musical Note
:shout: Shout Shout
:tongue: Tongue Tongue
:big_boss: Big Boss Big Boss
:car: Car Car
:wub: Wub Wub
:028: 028 028
:beat-up: Beat Up Beat Up
:crying: Crying Crying
:glasses-cool: Glasses Cool Glasses Cool
:male-fighter2: Male Fighter2 Male Fighter2
:quiet: Quiet Quiet
:soccerball: Soccerball Soccerball
:eat: Eat Eat
:kissing: Kissing Kissing
:neutral: Neutral Neutral
:sick: Sick Sick
:tremble: Tremble Tremble
:boybonk: Boybonk Boybonk
:chicken: Chicken Chicken
:043: 043 043
:beer: Beer Beer
:curse: Curse Curse
:go-away: Go Away Go Away
:mean: Mean Mean
:rain: Rain Rain
:spinny: Spinny Spinny
:yes: Yes Yes
:lamp: Lamp Lamp
:on-the-phone: On The Phone On The Phone
:sigarette: Sigarette Sigarette
:tv: Tv Tv
:clock: Clock Clock
:embarrassed: Embarrassed Embarrassed
:062: 062 062
:blowkiss: Blowkiss Blowkiss
:cyclops: Cyclops Cyclops
:good: Good Good
:messed: Messed Messed
:rolleyes: Rolleyes Rolleyes
:starving: Starving Starving
:peace: Peace Peace
:sinister: Sinister Sinister
:umbrella: Umbrella Umbrella
:clover: Clover Clover
:eyeroll: Eyeroll Eyeroll
:laugh: Laugh Laugh
:067: 067 067
:bowl: Bowl Bowl
:dazed: Dazed Dazed
:handcuffs: Handcuffs Handcuffs
:mohawk: Mohawk Mohawk
:rose: Rose Rose
:struggle: Struggle Struggle
:skywalker: Skywalker Skywalker
:victory: Victory Victory
:act-up: Act Up Act Up
:coffee: Coffee Coffee
:film: Film Film
:liquor: Liquor Liquor
:pig: Pig Pig
:brb: Brb Brb
:devil: Devil Devil
:highfive: Highfive Highfive
:monkey: Monkey Monkey
:sad: Sad Sad
:sweat: Sweat Sweat
:070: 070 070
:smile-big: Smile Big Smile Big
:watermelon: Watermelon Watermelon
:alien: Alien Alien
:computer: Computer Computer
:flag: Flag Flag
:love-over: Love Over Love Over
:pirate: Pirate Pirate
:bye: Bye Bye
:disdain: Disdain Disdain
:hug-right: Hug Right Hug Right
:msn-away: Msn Away Msn Away
:search: Search Search
:teeth: Teeth Teeth
:072: 072 072
:pray: Pray Pray
:smile: Smile Smile
:weep: Weep Weep
:06: 06 06
:angry: Angry Angry
:confused: Confused Confused
:freaked-out: Freaked Out Freaked Out
:lying: Lying Lying
:pizza: Pizza Pizza
:call-me: Call Me Call Me
:dog: Dog Dog
:in-love: In Love In Love
:msn: Msn Msn
:shame: Shame Shame
:thinking: Thinking Thinking
:badass: Badass Badass
:snail: Snail Snail
:wink: Wink Wink
:014: 014 014
:at-wits-end: At Wits End At Wits End
:cow: Cow Cow
:ghost: Ghost Ghost
:mad: Mad Mad
:pumpkin: Pumpkin Pumpkin
:can: Can Can
:dont-know: Dont Know Dont Know
:jump: Jump Jump
:music: Music Music
:shock: Shock Shock
:time-out: Time Out Time Out
:bgmad: Bgmad Bgmad
:worship: Worship Worship
:26: 26 26
:bashful: Bashful Bashful
:cry: Cry Cry
:girl: Girl Girl
:male-fighter1: Male Fighter1 Male Fighter1
:question: Question Question
:snowman: Snowman Snowman
:drool: Drool Drool
:kissed: Kissed Kissed
:nailbiting: Nailbiting Nailbiting
:shut-mouth: Shut Mouth Shut Mouth
:tongue: Tongue Tongue
:blob1: Blob1 Blob1
:cat: Cat Cat
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:lovestory: Lovestory Lovestory
:goodnight: Goodnight Goodnight
:welcome85: Welcome85 Welcome85
:21: 21 21
:l_sunny: L Sunny L Sunny
:happy6: Happy6 Happy6
:XsX: XsX XsX
:raspberry: Raspberry Raspberry
:050: 050 050
:mecry: Mecry Mecry
:hippie: Hippie Hippie
:connie_11: Connie 11 Connie 11
:rifle: Rifle Rifle
:101: 101 101
:mr47_02: Mr47 02 Mr47 02
:iamwithstupid: Iamwithstupid Iamwithstupid
:connie_45: Connie 45 Connie 45
:russian_ru: Russian Ru Russian Ru
:angel4: Angel4 Angel4
:nhl3: Nhl3 Nhl3
:connie_mini_byebye: Connie Mini Byebye Connie Mini Byebye
:scooby_02: Scooby 02 Scooby 02
:bayelfly: Bayelfly Bayelfly
:occasion6: Occasion6 Occasion6
:connie_mini_oldman: Connie Mini Oldman Connie Mini Oldman
:sign10: Sign10 Sign10
:blum2: Blum2 Blum2
:padonak: Padonak Padonak
:connie_runner: Connie Runner Connie Runner
:smiles-108: Smiles 108 Smiles 108
:butcher: Butcher Butcher
:PDT_Armataz_02_22: PDT Armataz 02 22 PDT Armataz 02 22
:dancin: Dancin Dancin
:spank: Spank Spank
:pepper: Pepper Pepper
:jew2: Jew2 Jew2
:dlb: Dlb Dlb
:superman: Superman Superman
:popcorm2: Popcorm2 Popcorm2
:kirtsun_01: Kirtsun 01 Kirtsun 01
:dunno: Dunno Dunno
:tender: Tender Tender
:Laie_2mini: Laie 2mini Laie 2mini
:Edfirst: Edfirst Edfirst
:tongue6: Tongue6 Tongue6
:Laie_32: Laie 32 Laie 32
:Elffy_26: Elffy 26 Elffy 26
:tsk: Tsk Tsk
:Laie_60B: Laie 60B Laie 60B
:evil1: Evil1 Evil1
:viannen_11: Viannen 11 Viannen 11
:laugh1: Laugh1 Laugh1
:finger: Finger Finger
:viannen_43: Viannen 43 Viannen 43
:lex_14: Lex 14 Lex 14
:funny: Funny Funny
:viannen_77: Viannen 77 Viannen 77
:derisive: Derisive Derisive
:stiffler_01: Stiffler 01 Stiffler 01
:pogranichnik: Pogranichnik Pogranichnik
:kez_08: Kez 08 Kez 08
:drag_09: Drag 09 Drag 09
:tatice_01: Tatice 01 Tatice 01
:protest: Protest Protest
:Koshechka_07: Koshechka 07 Koshechka 07
:d_kiss_hand: D Kiss Hand D Kiss Hand
:thumbs_down: Thumbs Down Thumbs Down
:Laie_19: Laie 19 Laie 19
:Elffy_11: Elffy 11 Elffy 11
:to_become_senile: To Become Senile To Become Senile
:Laie_48: Laie 48 Laie 48
:Elffy_43: Elffy 43 Elffy 43
:user: User User
:Laie_75C: Laie 75C Laie 75C
:fan_1: Fan 1 Fan 1
:viannen_28: Viannen 28 Viannen 28
:legga: Legga Legga
:flypig: Flypig Flypig
:viannen_60: Viannen 60 Viannen 60
:coke: Coke Coke
:lookahsisi: Lookahsisi Lookahsisi
:glare: Glare Glare
:wacko_mini: Wacko Mini Wacko Mini
:05: 05 05
:l_hp: L Hp L Hp
:hail: Hail Hail
:whoo: Whoo Whoo
:36: 36 36
:mamba: Mamba Mamba
:heh: Heh Heh
:yuck: Yuck Yuck
:rebel_lol: Rebel Lol Rebel Lol
:060: 060 060
:mocking_mini: Mocking Mini Mocking Mini
:humble: Humble Humble
:connie_30: Connie 30 Connie 30
:rules: Rules Rules
:aikido: Aikido Aikido
:na: Na Na
:info: Info Info
:connie_escapejar: Connie Escapejar Connie Escapejar
:santa2: Santa2 Santa2
:asd: Asd Asd
:nosok_02: Nosok 02 Nosok 02
:connie_mini_girlwin Connie Mini Girlwinky Connie Mini Girlwinky
:shameonyou: Shameonyou Shameonyou
:biggrin_mini: Biggrin Mini Biggrin Mini
:omg-it-rocks: Omg It Rocks Omg It Rocks
:connie_mini_tugofwa Connie Mini Tugofwar Connie Mini Tugofwar
:sleeping: Sleeping Sleeping
:bowdown: Bowdown Bowdown
:Party-Time: Party Time Party Time
:cosmomen_01: Cosmomen 01 Cosmomen 01
:snoozer_disobedient Snoozer Disobedient Mini Snoozer Disobedient Mini
:CKOMOPOX1976_01: CKOMOPOX1976 01 CKOMOPOX1976 01
:PDT_Armataz_10: PDT Armataz 10 PDT Armataz 10
:l_sweet: L Sweet L Sweet
:happy8: Happy8 Happy8
:yahoo: Yahoo Yahoo
:rastamanno: Rastamanno Rastamanno
:52: 52 52
:meetup: Meetup Meetup
:Hi ya!: Hi Ya! Hi Ya!
:connie_14: Connie 14 Connie 14
:rip_1: Rip 1 Rip 1
:103: 103 103
:mr47_04: Mr47 04 Mr47 04
:icescream: Icescream Icescream
:connie_abc123: Connie Abc123 Connie Abc123
:sad2: Sad2 Sad2
:angel7: Angel7 Angel7
:nhl_crach: Nhl Crach Nhl Crach
:connie_mini_caveman Connie Mini Caveman 2 Connie Mini Caveman 2
:scout: Scout Scout
:bb2: Bb2 Bb2
:occasion14: Occasion14 Occasion14
:connie_mini_paranoi Connie Mini Paranoid Connie Mini Paranoid
:sign13: Sign13 Sign13
:blum_mini: Blum Mini Blum Mini
:painkiller: Painkiller Painkiller
:connie_searchingsky Connie Searchingsky Connie Searchingsky
:smilevb: Smilevb Smilevb
:buttkick: Buttkick Buttkick
:PDT_Armataz_02_24: PDT Armataz 02 24 PDT Armataz 02 24
:dark1: Dark1 Dark1
:specool: Specool Specool
:ph34r: Ph34r Ph34r
:jew4: Jew4 Jew4
:dnfnoob2zp: Dnfnoob2zp Dnfnoob2zp
:superstition: Superstition Superstition
:poster_oops: Poster Oops Poster Oops
:kirtsun_02full: Kirtsun 02full Kirtsun 02full
:dwarf: Dwarf Dwarf
:thank_you: Thank You Thank You
:Laie_4: Laie 4 Laie 4
:eh..: Eh.. Eh..
:tongue8: Tongue8 Tongue8
:Laie_33: Laie 33 Laie 33
:Elffy_28: Elffy 28 Elffy 28
:turned: Turned Turned
:Laie_61: Laie 61 Laie 61
:evil4: Evil4 Evil4
:viannen_13: Viannen 13 Viannen 13
:laugh3: Laugh3 Laugh3
:fiona_dog2: Fiona Dog2 Fiona Dog2
:viannen_45: Viannen 45 Viannen 45
:libelle_1: Libelle 1 Libelle 1
:furbo: Furbo Furbo
:viannen_79: Viannen 79 Viannen 79
:lurk: Lurk Lurk
:good_mini: Good Mini Good Mini
:well: Well Well
:23: 23 23
:kez_10: Kez 10 Kez 10
:drama: Drama Drama
:tatice_03: Tatice 03 Tatice 03
:puke: Puke Puke
:Koshechka_09: Koshechka 09 Koshechka 09
:d_martini: D Martini D Martini
:th_GinBoHaHa: Th GinBoHaHa Th GinBoHaHa
:Laie_21: Laie 21 Laie 21
:Elffy_13: Elffy 13 Elffy 13
:to_keep_order: To Keep Order To Keep Order
:Laie_50: Laie 50 Laie 50
:Elffy_45: Elffy 45 Elffy 45
:vava: Vava Vava
:Laie_76B: Laie 76B Laie 76B
:fear: Fear Fear
:viannen_30: Viannen 30 Viannen 30
:lever: Lever Lever
:fool: Fool Fool
:viannen_63: Viannen 63 Viannen 63
:color: Color Color
:looksisi: Looksisi Looksisi
:glasses1: Glasses1 Glasses1
:wank: Wank Wank
:6: 6 6
:l_ice: L Ice L Ice
:hal: Hal Hal
:wild: Wild Wild
:038: 038 038
:man_in_love_mini: Man In Love Mini Man In Love Mini
:hehehmn: Hehehmn Hehehmn
:ziplip: Ziplip Ziplip
:rebel_neutral: Rebel Neutral Rebel Neutral
:061: 061 061
:moderator: Moderator Moderator
:humph: Humph Humph
:connie_32: Connie 32 Connie 32
:rulezsisi: Rulezsisi Rulezsisi
:alcohol: Alcohol Alcohol
:naka: Naka Naka
:insegnante: Insegnante Insegnante
:connie_feedbaby: Connie Feedbaby Connie Feedbaby
:sarcastic_blum: Sarcastic Blum Sarcastic Blum
:astronomer1: Astronomer1 Astronomer1
:nosok_05: Nosok 05 Nosok 05
:connie_mini_goof: Connie Mini Goof Connie Mini Goof
:shhh: Shhh Shhh
:binkybaby: Binkybaby Binkybaby
:onizuka: Onizuka Onizuka
:connie_mini_wink: Connie Mini Wink Connie Mini Wink
:sleepy2: Sleepy2 Sleepy2
:boxing: Boxing Boxing
:paschenko_01: Paschenko 01 Paschenko 01
:crazy_pilot: Crazy Pilot Crazy Pilot
:snoozer_likelinux_m Snoozer Likelinux Man Snoozer Likelinux Man
:clapping: Clapping Clapping
:PDT_Armataz_12: PDT Armataz 12 PDT Armataz 12
:diespam: Diespam Diespam
:stinker: Stinker Stinker
:poke: Poke Poke
:053: 053 053
:mega_shok: Mega Shok Mega Shok
:hmmm: Hmmm Hmmm
:connie_17: Connie 17 Connie 17
:rofl: Rofl Rofl
:105: 105 105
:mr47_06: Mr47 06 Mr47 06
:icon_hug: Icon Hug Icon Hug
:connie_babyboo: Connie Babyboo Connie Babyboo
:sad4: Sad4 Sad4
:angel9: Angel9 Angel9
:nike: Nike Nike
:connie_mini_cool: Connie Mini Cool Connie Mini Cool
:scratch_one-s_head: Scratch One S Head Scratch One S Head
:beach: Beach Beach
:occasion16: Occasion16 Occasion16
:connie_mini_pullpig Connie Mini Pullpigtails Connie Mini Pullpigtails
:sign16: Sign16 Sign16
:boast: Boast Boast
:paint2: Paint2 Paint2
:connie_siesta: Connie Siesta Connie Siesta
:smiley_229: Smiley 229 Smiley 229
:caffe: Caffe Caffe
:PDT_Armataz_02_26: PDT Armataz 02 26 PDT Armataz 02 26
:dash2: Dash2 Dash2
:spider: Spider Spider
:photo: Photo Photo
:juggle: Juggle Juggle
:don-t_mention: Don T Mention Don T Mention
:surrender: Surrender Surrender
:pottytrain2: Pottytrain2 Pottytrain2
:kirtsun_04: Kirtsun 04 Kirtsun 04
:d_book: D Book D Book
:thanx: Thanx Thanx
:Laie_6: Laie 6 Laie 6
:Elf-Demon_01: Elf Demon 01 Elf Demon 01
:tongue11: Tongue11 Tongue11
:Laie_35: Laie 35 Laie 35
:Elffy_30: Elffy 30 Elffy 30
:tux: Tux Tux
:Laie_63B: Laie 63B Laie 63B
:evil6: Evil6 Evil6
:viannen_15: Viannen 15 Viannen 15
:laughing: Laughing Laughing
:fire: Fire Fire
:viannen_47: Viannen 47 Viannen 47
:likeff_man: Likeff Man Likeff Man
:furious: Furious Furious
:viannen_81: Viannen 81 Viannen 81
:1: 1 1
:l_book: L Book L Book
:graduate: Graduate Graduate
:whateva: Whateva Whateva
:024: 024 024
:l_tickle: L Tickle L Tickle
:happy10: Happy10 Happy10
:yeh: Yeh Yeh
:ray: Ray Ray
:punish: Punish Punish
:Koshechka_11: Koshechka 11 Koshechka 11
:d_roller: D Roller D Roller
:tinfoil3: Tinfoil3 Tinfoil3
:Laie_22mini: Laie 22mini Laie 22mini
:Elffy_15: Elffy 15 Elffy 15
:to_pick_ones_nose2: To Pick Ones Nose2 To Pick Ones Nose2
:Laie_52: Laie 52 Laie 52
:elvis: Elvis Elvis
:venum: Venum Venum
:Laie_76C: Laie 76C Laie 76C
:female: Female Female
:viannen_32: Viannen 32 Viannen 32
:lex_02: Lex 02 Lex 02
:frak: Frak Frak
:viannen_65: Viannen 65 Viannen 65
:common001: Common001 Common001
:love1: Love1 Love1
:glasses3: Glasses3 Glasses3
:warn: Warn Warn
:007: 007 007
:l_kiss_hand: L Kiss Hand L Kiss Hand
:hand: Hand Hand
:wink3: Wink3 Wink3
:39: 39 39
:Mauridia_01: Mauridia 01 Mauridia 01
:hello2: Hello2 Hello2
:zomby: Zomby Zomby
:rebel_oops: Rebel Oops Rebel Oops
:67: 67 67
:moil: Moil Moil
:hunter: Hunter Hunter
:connie_34: Connie 34 Connie 34
:Rulezzz_02: Rulezzz 02 Rulezzz 02
:aleksey_01: Aleksey 01 Aleksey 01
:nature: Nature Nature
:ireful1: Ireful1 Ireful1
:connie_fishtale: Connie Fishtale Connie Fishtale
:sawink: Sawink Sawink
:attention: Attention Attention
:nospam: Nospam Nospam
:connie_mini_huh: Connie Mini Huh Connie Mini Huh
:shocking: Shocking Shocking
:birthday: Birthday Birthday
:on_the_quiet: On The Quiet On The Quiet
:connie_pac: Connie Pac Connie Pac
:sleepy4: Sleepy4 Sleepy4
:bravobravissimo: Bravobravissimo Bravobravissimo
:pazzo: Pazzo Pazzo
:crigon_02: Crigon 02 Crigon 02
:snorting: Snorting Snorting
:closed: Closed Closed
:PDT_Armataz_14: PDT Armataz 14 PDT Armataz 14
:director2: Director2 Director2
:stretcher: Stretcher Stretcher
:Policeman: Policeman Policeman
:kez_12: Kez 12 Kez 12
:drive: Drive Drive
:tatice_05: Tatice 05 Tatice 05
:108: 108 108
:idea: Idea Idea
:connie_barbershop: Connie Barbershop Connie Barbershop
:sad6: Sad6 Sad6
:angel11: Angel11 Angel11
:ninja: Ninja Ninja
:connie_mini_dance-1 Connie Mini Dance 1 Connie Mini Dance 1
:sea_demon_02: Sea Demon 02 Sea Demon 02
:becky: Becky Becky
:occasion18: Occasion18 Occasion18
:connie_mini_red-X: Connie Mini Red X Connie Mini Red X
:sign18: Sign18 Sign18
:bobsleigh: Bobsleigh Bobsleigh
:paladin: Paladin Paladin
:connie_sleepymoon: Connie Sleepymoon Connie Sleepymoon
:smiley_706: Smiley 706 Smiley 706
:call me: Call Me Call Me
:PDT_Armataz_02_28: PDT Armataz 02 28 PDT Armataz 02 28
:dash9: Dash9 Dash9
:spiteful: Spiteful Spiteful
:pilot: Pilot Pilot
:kaboom: Kaboom Kaboom
:download: Download Download
:surrrender: Surrrender Surrrender
:pottytrain4: Pottytrain4 Pottytrain4
:kiss2: Kiss2 Kiss2
:d_canon: D Canon D Canon
:thebirdman: Thebirdman Thebirdman
:Laie_8: Laie 8 Laie 8
:elf: Elf Elf
:tool: Tool Tool
:Laie_37: Laie 37 Laie 37
:Elffy_32: Elffy 32 Elffy 32
:tweety: Tweety Tweety
:Laie_65: Laie 65 Laie 65
:evilaugh: Evilaugh Evilaugh
:viannen_17: Viannen 17 Viannen 17
:laughing3: Laughing3 Laughing3
:first: First First
:viannen_49: Viannen 49 Viannen 49
:link: Link Link
:gamer2: Gamer2 Gamer2
:vinsent: Vinsent Vinsent
:001: 001 001
:l_canon: L Canon L Canon
:great: Great Great
:whatsdat: Whatsdat Whatsdat
:25: 25 25
:l_turn: L Turn L Turn
:happy_mini: Happy Mini Happy Mini
:yes2: Yes2 Yes2
:read: Read Read
:054: 054 054
:meowth: Meowth Meowth
:homework: Homework Homework
:connie_19: Connie 19 Connie 19
:roll: Roll Roll
:Laie_24: Laie 24 Laie 24
:Elffy_17: Elffy 17 Elffy 17
:to_pick_ones_nose_e To Pick Ones Nose Eat To Pick Ones Nose Eat
:Laie_53mini: Laie 53mini Laie 53mini
:emotimonkey: Emotimonkey Emotimonkey
:viannen_02: Viannen 02 Viannen 02
:Laie_78: Laie 78 Laie 78
:feminist_en: Feminist En Feminist En
:viannen_34: Viannen 34 Viannen 34
:lex_04: Lex 04 Lex 04
:freeze: Freeze Freeze
:viannen_67: Viannen 67 Viannen 67
:compassione: Compassione Compassione
:love3: Love3 Love3
:glasses7: Glasses7 Glasses7
:warning2: Warning2 Warning2
:07: 07 07
:l_martini: L Martini L Martini
:hang2: Hang2 Hang2
:winkvb: Winkvb Winkvb
:40: 40 40
:Mauridia_03: Mauridia 03 Mauridia 03
:help: Help Help
:zorro: Zorro Zorro
:rebel_roll: Rebel Roll Rebel Roll
:69: 69 69
:moinmoin_02: Moinmoin 02 Moinmoin 02
:hyptnotized: Hyptnotized Hyptnotized
:connie_36: Connie 36 Connie 36
:Rulezzz_04: Rulezzz 04 Rulezzz 04
:Alvarin_34: Alvarin 34 Alvarin 34
:nea: Nea Nea
:ireful3: Ireful3 Ireful3
:connie_girl_cleangl Connie Girl Cleanglasses Connie Girl Cleanglasses
:scaner%20HD: Scaner%20HD Scaner%20HD
:babyflips: Babyflips Babyflips
:notworthy: Notworthy Notworthy
:connie_mini_jackina Connie Mini Jackinabox Connie Mini Jackinabox
:shootout: Shootout Shootout
:blabla: Blabla Blabla
:Oo: Oo Oo
:connie_pacspit: Connie Pacspit Connie Pacspit
:sleepy7: Sleepy7 Sleepy7
:brick: Brick Brick
:PDT_Armataz_01_01: PDT Armataz 01 01 PDT Armataz 01 01
:crigon_04: Crigon 04 Crigon 04
:soldier_girl: Soldier Girl Soldier Girl
:close_tema: Close Tema Close Tema
:PDT_Armataz_16: PDT Armataz 16 PDT Armataz 16
:dirol_mini: Dirol Mini Dirol Mini
:stuart: Stuart Stuart
:pooh: Pooh Pooh
:kez_14: Kez 14 Kez 14
:dropbonk: Dropbonk Dropbonk
:tatice_07: Tatice 07 Tatice 07
:puzzle: Puzzle Puzzle
:kruecken: Kruecken Kruecken
:d_sweet: D Sweet D Sweet
:tomato: Tomato Tomato
:sad8: Sad8 Sad8
:angel13: Angel13 Angel13
:no2: No2 No2
:connie_mini_eatbug: Connie Mini Eatbug Connie Mini Eatbug
:secrets: Secrets Secrets
:beer_yum: Beer Yum Beer Yum
:offtheair: Offtheair Offtheair
:connie_mini_sad: Connie Mini Sad Connie Mini Sad
:sing: Sing Sing
:book1: Book1 Book1
:paranoico: Paranoico Paranoico
:connie_smash: Connie Smash Connie Smash
:smile_mini: Smile Mini Smile Mini
:candle: Candle Candle
:PDT_Armataz_02_30: PDT Armataz 02 30 PDT Armataz 02 30
:deadhorse: Deadhorse Deadhorse
:spruce_up: Spruce Up Spruce Up
:pioneer: Pioneer Pioneer
:kermit: Kermit Kermit
:drag: Drag Drag
:swoon: Swoon Swoon
:pound: Pound Pound
:kisses: Kisses Kisses
:d_coffee: D Coffee D Coffee
:third: Third Third
:Laie_10: Laie 10 Laie 10
:Elffy_2: Elffy 2 Elffy 2
:toothy1: Toothy1 Toothy1
:Laie_39: Laie 39 Laie 39
:Elffy_34: Elffy 34 Elffy 34
:ty: Ty Ty
:Laie_68: Laie 68 Laie 68
:exaide_2: Exaide 2 Exaide 2
:viannen_19: Viannen 19 Viannen 19
:laughing5: Laughing5 Laughing5
:fish: Fish Fish
:viannen_51: Viannen 51 Viannen 51
:lock: Lock Lock
:gamer4: Gamer4 Gamer4
:violent: Violent Violent
:02: 02 02
:l_clock: L Clock L Clock
:grommit: Grommit Grommit
:whip2: Whip2 Whip2
:27: 27 27
:l_wash: L Wash L Wash
:he: He He
:yes4: Yes4 Yes4
:reading: Reading Reading
:55: 55 55
:meuh: Meuh Meuh
:horn: Horn Horn
:connie_21: Connie 21 Connie 21
:rolleyes_mini: Rolleyes Mini Rolleyes Mini
:113: 113 113
:mullet: Mullet Mullet
:idhitit: Idhitit Idhitit
:connie_cat_in_the_h Connie Cat In The Hat Connie Cat In The Hat
:Laie_55: Laie 55 Laie 55
:english_en: English En English En
:viannen_04: Viannen 04 Viannen 04
:Laie_80: Laie 80 Laie 80
:fermosi: Fermosi Fermosi
:viannen_36: Viannen 36 Viannen 36
:lex_06: Lex 06 Lex 06
:frog: Frog Frog
:viannen_69: Viannen 69 Viannen 69
:connie_07: Connie 07 Connie 07
:love5: Love5 Love5
:glasses9: Glasses9 Glasses9
:wav: Wav Wav
:8: 8 8
:l_pazzle: L Pazzle L Pazzle
:Happy-Birthday3: Happy Birthday3 Happy Birthday3
:win your love: Win Your Love Win Your Love
:rainingsmile: Rainingsmile Rainingsmile
:41: 41 41
:Mauridia_05: Mauridia 05 Mauridia 05
:hhww: Hhww Hhww
:connie_1: Connie 1 Connie 1
:rebel_shock: Rebel Shock Rebel Shock
:71: 71 71
:moneyeyes: Moneyeyes Moneyeyes
:Hyron_02: Hyron 02 Hyron 02
:connie_38: Connie 38 Connie 38
:Rulezzz_06: Rulezzz 06 Rulezzz 06
:amen: Amen Amen
:neo: Neo Neo
:irvine: Irvine Irvine
:connie_hidinginwall Connie Hidinginwall Connie Hidinginwall
:scare2: Scare2 Scare2
:banana: Banana Banana
:nuke: Nuke Nuke
:connie_mini_kilroy: Connie Mini Kilroy Connie Mini Kilroy
:shuriken: Shuriken Shuriken
:blob5: Blob5 Blob5
:orc: Orc Orc
:connie_pizza-1: Connie Pizza 1 Connie Pizza 1
:slow_en: Slow En Slow En
:brush: Brush Brush
:PDT_Armataz_01_03: PDT Armataz 01 03 PDT Armataz 01 03
:cwm21: Cwm21 Cwm21
:sorcerer: Sorcerer Sorcerer
:clueless: Clueless Clueless
:PDT_Armataz_18: PDT Armataz 18 PDT Armataz 18
:Jaison_2: Jaison 2 Jaison 2
:disgust: Disgust Disgust
:stufo: Stufo Stufo
:pooh_door: Pooh Door Pooh Door
:kez_16: Kez 16 Kez 16
:drum: Drum Drum
:taunt: Taunt Taunt
:queen: Queen Queen
:kuzya_01: Kuzya 01 Kuzya 01
:d_tickle: D Tickle D Tickle
:tombstone: Tombstone Tombstone
:Laie_26: Laie 26 Laie 26
:Elffy_19: Elffy 19 Elffy 19
:training1: Training1 Training1
:connie_mini_foxvsie Connie Mini Foxvsie Connie Mini Foxvsie
:selo: Selo Selo
:be mine!: Be Mine! Be Mine!
:oh-yes: Oh Yes Oh Yes
:connie_mini_snore: Connie Mini Snore Connie Mini Snore
:sisi: Sisi Sisi
:Booty: Booty Booty
:paratrooper_girl: Paratrooper Girl Paratrooper Girl
:connie_yoyo: Connie Yoyo Connie Yoyo
:smoke: Smoke Smoke
:che-tristezza: Che Tristezza Che Tristezza
:PDT_Armataz_02_32: PDT Armataz 02 32 PDT Armataz 02 32
:decapcheer: Decapcheer Decapcheer
:spyda: Spyda Spyda
:pirate2: Pirate2 Pirate2
:kez_01: Kez 01 Kez 01
:drag_02: Drag 02 Drag 02
:take_example: Take Example Take Example
:prankster: Prankster Prankster
:KneelSuckers: KneelSuckers KneelSuckers
:d_dance: D Dance D Dance
:this: This This
:Laie_12: Laie 12 Laie 12
:Elffy_4: Elffy 4 Elffy 4
:toothy3: Toothy3 Toothy3
:Laie_41mini: Laie 41mini Laie 41mini
:Elffy_36: Elffy 36 Elffy 36
:umnik: Umnik Umnik
:Laie_70: Laie 70 Laie 70
:excl: Excl Excl
:viannen_21: Viannen 21 Viannen 21
:laughing7: Laughing7 Laughing7
:fishing: Fishing Fishing
:viannen_53: Viannen 53 Viannen 53
:loco: Loco Loco
:gathering: Gathering Gathering
:violent4: Violent4 Violent4
:2urqetl: 2urqetl 2urqetl
:l_daisy: L Daisy L Daisy
:groupwave: Groupwave Groupwave
:whisper: Whisper Whisper
:28: 28 28
:mad2: Mad2 Mad2
:headbang: Headbang Headbang
:yield: Yield Yield
:Real mad: Real Mad Real Mad
:56: 56 56
:middlefinger: Middlefinger Middlefinger
:horse: Horse Horse
:connie_23: Connie 23 Connie 23
:roooox: Roooox Roooox
:116: 116 116
:mumum: Mumum Mumum
:ignat_01: Ignat 01 Ignat 01
:connie_dancegirl: Connie Dancegirl Connie Dancegirl
:sad10: Sad10 Sad10
:angry9: Angry9 Angry9
:noidea: Noidea Noidea
:Laie_82: Laie 82 Laie 82
:fie: Fie Fie
:viannen_38: Viannen 38 Viannen 38
:lex_08: Lex 08 Lex 08
:frusty: Frusty Frusty
:viannen_71: Viannen 71 Viannen 71
:connie_09: Connie 09 Connie 09
:love7: Love7 Love7
:glasses11: Glasses11 Glasses11
:weapon: Weapon Weapon
:10: 10 10
:l_rain: L Rain L Rain
:happy1: Happy1 Happy1
:wof: Wof Wof
:ranger: Ranger Ranger
:045: 045 045
:mbhe: Mbhe Mbhe
:hi5: Hi5 Hi5
:connie_3: Connie 3 Connie 3
:redface: Redface Redface
:78: 78 78
:morpheus: Morpheus Morpheus
:Hyron_04: Hyron 04 Hyron 04
:connie_40: Connie 40 Connie 40
:Rulezzz_08: Rulezzz 08 Rulezzz 08
:amut_01: Amut 01 Amut 01
:newbie: Newbie Newbie
:Jaison_1: Jaison 1 Jaison 1
:connie_mexican: Connie Mexican Connie Mexican
:scaut: Scaut Scaut
:bang: Bang Bang
:nutkick: Nutkick Nutkick
:connie_mini_lalalal Connie Mini Lalalalala Connie Mini Lalalalala
:shy: Shy Shy
:blob7: Blob7 Blob7
:ouch: Ouch Ouch
:connie_pumpkinsad: Connie Pumpkinsad Connie Pumpkinsad
:Smayly_01: Smayly 01 Smayly 01
:buba: Buba Buba
:PDT_Armataz_02_17: PDT Armataz 02 17 PDT Armataz 02 17
:cya: Cya Cya
:spaceman: Spaceman Spaceman
:PDT_Armataz_20: PDT Armataz 20 PDT Armataz 20
:jaw: Jaw Jaw
:dissapprove: Dissapprove Dissapprove
:suba: Suba Suba
:pooh_honey: Pooh Honey Pooh Honey
:kidding: Kidding Kidding
:drunk: Drunk Drunk
:tearseyes: Tearseyes Tearseyes
:rabbi: Rabbi Rabbi
:kuzya_03: Kuzya 03 Kuzya 03
:d_turn: D Turn D Turn
:tongue1: Tongue1 Tongue1
:Laie_28: Laie 28 Laie 28
:Elffy_21: Elffy 21 Elffy 21
:treaten: Treaten Treaten
:Laie_57: Laie 57 Laie 57
:erf: Erf Erf
:viannen_06: Viannen 06 Viannen 06
:ohmy: Ohmy Ohmy
:connie_mini_spraypa Connie Mini Spraypaint Connie Mini Spraypaint
:sith: Sith Sith
:booze: Booze Booze
:pardon_mini: Pardon Mini Pardon Mini
:considering: Considering Considering
:smokin: Smokin Smokin
:ciaociao: Ciaociao Ciaociao
:PDT_Armataz_02_34: PDT Armataz 02 34 PDT Armataz 02 34
:declare: Declare Declare
:stanco: Stanco Stanco
:pissed: Pissed Pissed
:kez_03: Kez 03 Kez 03
:drag_04: Drag 04 Drag 04
:tank1: Tank1 Tank1
:pray2: Pray2 Pray2
:knob: Knob Knob
:d_good_luck: D Good Luck D Good Luck
:throw: Throw Throw
:laie_14: Laie 14 Laie 14
:Elffy_6: Elffy 6 Elffy 6
:toothy5: Toothy5 Toothy5
:Laie_43: Laie 43 Laie 43
:Elffy_38: Elffy 38 Elffy 38
:unlove: Unlove Unlove
:Laie_72: Laie 72 Laie 72
:eyes: Eyes Eyes
:viannen_23: Viannen 23 Viannen 23
:laughing9: Laughing9 Laughing9
:flirt: Flirt Flirt
:viannen_55: Viannen 55 Viannen 55
:lokomotiv: Lokomotiv Lokomotiv
:violin: Violin Violin
:3: 3 3
:l_diver: L Diver L Diver
:grrrrrr: Grrrrrr Grrrrrr
:whistle2: Whistle2 Whistle2
:032: 032 032
:madvb: Madvb Madvb
:headscratch: Headscratch Headscratch
:yo: Yo Yo
:rebel_cool: Rebel Cool Rebel Cool
:057: 057 057
:mindmunch: Mindmunch Mindmunch
:hpdbdy: Hpdbdy Hpdbdy
:connie_25: Connie 25 Connie 25
:rotflmao: Rotflmao Rotflmao
:a025: A025 A025
:music2: Music2 Music2
:ill: Ill Ill
:connie_duckyinshell Connie Duckyinshell Connie Duckyinshell
:sad_mini: Sad Mini Sad Mini
:announce: Announce Announce
:nono!: Nono! Nono!
:connie_mini_girlsmi Connie Mini Girlsmile 2 Connie Mini Girlsmile 2
:sex: Sex Sex
:beurk: Beurk Beurk
:lex_10: Lex 10 Lex 10
:fuck: Fuck Fuck
:viannen_74: Viannen 74 Viannen 74
:love9: Love9 Love9
:glasses13: Glasses13 Glasses13
:weightlift: Weightlift Weightlift
:12: 12 12
:l_santa: L Santa L Santa
:happy3: Happy3 Happy3
:worthless: Worthless Worthless
:ranting: Ranting Ranting
:046: 046 046
:mda: Mda Mda
:connie_5: Connie 5 Connie 5
:rep: Rep Rep
:79: 79 79
:moto: Moto Moto
:hysteric: Hysteric Hysteric
:connie_42: Connie 42 Connie 42
:runover: Runover Runover
:angel1: Angel1 Angel1
:new_russian: New Russian New Russian
:connie_mini_angelde Connie Mini Angeldevil Connie Mini Angeldevil
:scenic: Scenic Scenic
:basketball: Basketball Basketball
:obsessed: Obsessed Obsessed
:connie_mini_lipsrse Connie Mini Lipsrsealed Connie Mini Lipsrsealed
:sign4: Sign4 Sign4
:blob9: Blob9 Blob9
:overlord: Overlord Overlord
:connie_radioplane: Connie Radioplane Connie Radioplane
:Smayly_3: Smayly 3 Smayly 3
:bump2: Bump2 Bump2
:PDT_Armataz_02_19: PDT Armataz 02 19 PDT Armataz 02 19
:dance3: Dance3 Dance3
:spam1: Spam1 Spam1
:Peek a boo!: Peek A Boo! Peek A Boo!
:jerry: Jerry Jerry
:dj: Dj Dj
:sunny: Sunny Sunny
:pooh_on_ball: Pooh On Ball Pooh On Ball
:kill: Kill Kill
:dry: Dry Dry
:tease: Tease Tease
:la: La La
:d_wash: D Wash D Wash
:tongue3: Tongue3 Tongue3
:Laie_30A: Laie 30A Laie 30A
:Elffy_23: Elffy 23 Elffy 23
:triplets: Triplets Triplets
:Laie_59: Laie 59 Laie 59
:err: Err Err
:viannen_08: Viannen 08 Viannen 08
:lala: Lala Lala
:fighetto: Fighetto Fighetto
:viannen_40: Viannen 40 Viannen 40
:parting: Parting Parting
:cool: Cool Cool
:snegurochka: Snegurochka Snegurochka
:ciauciau: Ciauciau Ciauciau
:PDT_Armataz_02_36: PDT Armataz 02 36 PDT Armataz 02 36
:ded_snegurochka: Ded Snegurochka Ded Snegurochka
:sterb: Sterb Sterb
:playball: Playball Playball
:kez_05: Kez 05 Kez 05
:drag_06: Drag 06 Drag 06
:tape2: Tape2 Tape2
:preggers: Preggers Preggers
:koo-koo: Koo Koo Koo Koo
:d_happy_tired: D Happy Tired D Happy Tired
:thumbdown: Thumbdown Thumbdown
:Laie_16: Laie 16 Laie 16
:Elffy_8: Elffy 8 Elffy 8
:toothy10: Toothy10 Toothy10
:Laie_45: Laie 45 Laie 45
:Elffy_40: Elffy 40 Elffy 40
:unsure: Unsure Unsure
:Laie_74: Laie 74 Laie 74
:faint: Faint Faint
:viannen_25: Viannen 25 Viannen 25
:lazy: Lazy Lazy
:flood: Flood Flood
:viannen_57: Viannen 57 Viannen 57
:lol2: Lol2 Lol2
:getlost: Getlost Getlost
:w00t: W00t W00t
:3some: 3some 3some
:l_good_luck: L Good Luck L Good Luck
:gun: Gun Gun
:whistling: Whistling Whistling
:034: 034 034
:mafia: Mafia Mafia
:Heart fill with lov Heart Fill With Love Heart Fill With Love
:yourock: Yourock Yourock
:rebel_evil: Rebel Evil Rebel Evil
:58: 58 58
:mitsu: Mitsu Mitsu
:hug1: Hug1 Hug1
:connie_27: Connie 27 Connie 27
:roxbeer: Roxbeer Roxbeer
:acute: Acute Acute
:music_mini2: Music Mini2 Music Mini2
:i love you2: I Love You2 I Love You2
:connie_duckywalk: Connie Duckywalk Connie Duckywalk
:salut: Salut Salut
:approve: Approve Approve
:nonso: Nonso Nonso
:connie_mini_girlspi Connie Mini Girlspin Connie Mini Girlspin
:shablon_02: Shablon 02 Shablon 02
:bigboulay: Bigboulay Bigboulay
:ohwell: Ohwell Ohwell
:connie_mini_tapfing Connie Mini Tapfingers Connie Mini Tapfingers
:skull: Skull Skull
:bounce: Bounce Bounce
:love sick: Love Sick Love Sick
:golf: Golf Golf
:welcome: Welcome Welcome
:020: 020 020
:l_speedboat: L Speedboat L Speedboat
:happy5: Happy5 Happy5
:xsunx_01: Xsunx 01 Xsunx 01
:rapture: Rapture Rapture
:049: 049 049
:mebiro_01: Mebiro 01 Mebiro 01
:hihi: Hihi Hihi
:connie_10: Connie 10 Connie 10
:resin: Resin Resin
:082: 082 082
:mr47_01: Mr47 01 Mr47 01
:iamidiot: Iamidiot Iamidiot
:connie_44: Connie 44 Connie 44
:russian_roulette: Russian Roulette Russian Roulette
:angel3: Angel3 Angel3
:nhl2: Nhl2 Nhl2
:connie_mini_babyduc Connie Mini Babyduckflly Connie Mini Babyduckflly
:scooby_01: Scooby 01 Scooby 01
:bathbaby: Bathbaby Bathbaby
:occasion5: Occasion5 Occasion5
:connie_mini_mexican Connie Mini Mexican Connie Mini Mexican
:sign7: Sign7 Sign7
:blum: Blum Blum
:pacnic: Pacnic Pacnic
:connie_rockingbaby: Connie Rockingbaby Connie Rockingbaby
:smileinbox: Smileinbox Smileinbox
:busted_blue: Busted Blue Busted Blue
:PDT_Armataz_02_21: PDT Armataz 02 21 PDT Armataz 02 21
:dance_mini: Dance Mini Dance Mini
:spangle: Spangle Spangle
:penguin: Penguin Penguin
:jew1: Jew1 Jew1
:djkot_01: Djkot 01 Djkot 01
:supercool: Supercool Supercool
:popcorm1: Popcorm1 Popcorm1
:king2: King2 King2
:duel: Duel Duel
:telephone: Telephone Telephone
:Laie_2: Laie 2 Laie 2
:eating: Eating Eating
:tongue5: Tongue5 Tongue5
:Laie_31: Laie 31 Laie 31
:Elffy_25: Elffy 25 Elffy 25
:tshirt: Tshirt Tshirt
:Laie_60Amini: Laie 60Amini Laie 60Amini
:evil: Evil Evil
:viannen_10: Viannen 10 Viannen 10
:laser: Laser Laser
:fighting07: Fighting07 Fighting07
:viannen_42: Viannen 42 Viannen 42
:lex_13: Lex 13 Lex 13
:fuk: Fuk Fuk
:viannen_76: Viannen 76 Viannen 76
:PDT_Armataz_02_38: PDT Armataz 02 38 PDT Armataz 02 38
:der: Der Der
:stickdance: Stickdance Stickdance
:please: Please Please
:kez_07: Kez 07 Kez 07
:drag_08: Drag 08 Drag 08
:target: Target Target
:progress: Progress Progress
:Koshechka_06: Koshechka 06 Koshechka 06
:d_ice: D Ice D Ice
:thumbsup: Thumbsup Thumbsup
:laie_18: Laie 18 Laie 18
:Elffy_10: Elffy 10 Elffy 10
:to_babruysk: To Babruysk To Babruysk
:Laie_47: Laie 47 Laie 47
:Elffy_42: Elffy 42 Elffy 42
:usa2: Usa2 Usa2
:Laie_75B: Laie 75B Laie 75B
:fans: Fans Fans
:viannen_27: Viannen 27 Viannen 27
:lazy3: Lazy3 Lazy3
:Flush: Flush Flush
:viannen_59: Viannen 59 Viannen 59
:coffee2: Coffee2 Coffee2
:look: Look Look
:Gigakach_01: Gigakach 01 Gigakach 01
:wacko2: Wacko2 Wacko2
:4: 4 4
:l_happy_tired: L Happy Tired L Happy Tired
:haha: Haha Haha
:WhiteVoid_2: WhiteVoid 2 WhiteVoid 2
:035: 035 035
:male: Male Male
:heat: Heat Heat
:yu: Yu Yu
:rebel_huh: Rebel Huh Rebel Huh
:059: 059 059
:mmph: Mmph Mmph
:huh: Huh Huh
:connie_29: Connie 29 Connie 29
:rule1: Rule1 Rule1
:ahsisi: Ahsisi Ahsisi
:mylove: Mylove Mylove
:indian: Indian Indian
:connie_eatingpopcor Connie Eatingpopcorn Connie Eatingpopcorn
:santa: Santa Santa
:arrow: Arrow Arrow
:nosok_01: Nosok 01 Nosok 01
:connie_mini_girlton Connie Mini Girltongue Connie Mini Girltongue
:shablon_04: Shablon 04 Shablon 04
:biggrin1: Biggrin1 Biggrin1
:oksmile: Oksmile Oksmile
:connie_mini_tongue: Connie Mini Tongue Connie Mini Tongue
:sleep: Sleep Sleep
:bowangel: Bowangel Bowangel
:party-smiley-004: Party Smiley 004 Party Smiley 004
:copter: Copter Copter
:snooks: Snooks Snooks
:cincin: Cincin Cincin
:welcomeani: Welcomeani Welcomeani
:22: 22 22
:l_surprize: L Surprize L Surprize
:happy7: Happy7 Happy7
:x_hello_3: X Hello 3 X Hello 3
:rastaman: Rastaman Rastaman
:051: 051 051
:medal: Medal Medal
:hippy2: Hippy2 Hippy2
:connie_13: Connie 13 Connie 13
:rip: Rip Rip
:102: 102 102
:mr47_03: Mr47 03 Mr47 03
:icecream: Icecream Icecream
:connie_49: Connie 49 Connie 49
:sad1: Sad1 Sad1
:angel5: Angel5 Angel5
:nhl_checking: Nhl Checking Nhl Checking
:connie_mini_caveman Connie Mini Caveman 1 Connie Mini Caveman 1
:scooby_03: Scooby 03 Scooby 03
:bb: Bb Bb
:occasion13: Occasion13 Occasion13
:connie_mini_onladde Connie Mini Onladder 1 Connie Mini Onladder 1
:sign12: Sign12 Sign12
:blum3: Blum3 Blum3
:pain10: Pain10 Pain10
:connie_running: Connie Running Connie Running
:smilese: Smilese Smilese
:butt: Butt Butt
:PDT_Armataz_02_23: PDT Armataz 02 23 PDT Armataz 02 23
:dancing: Dancing Dancing
:spartak: Spartak Spartak
:perp: Perp Perp
:jew3: Jew3 Jew3
:superman2: Superman2 Superman2
:popcorn: Popcorn Popcorn
:kirtsun_02crop: Kirtsun 02crop Kirtsun 02crop
:dvgmax_01: Dvgmax 01 Dvgmax 01
:thanks: Thanks Thanks
:Laie_3: Laie 3 Laie 3
:eeeks: Eeeks Eeeks
:tongue7: Tongue7 Tongue7
:Laie_32mini: Laie 32mini Laie 32mini
:Elffy_27: Elffy 27 Elffy 27
:turd: Turd Turd
:Laie_60Bmini: Laie 60Bmini Laie 60Bmini
:evil3: Evil3 Evil3
:viannen_12: Viannen 12 Viannen 12
:laugh2: Laugh2 Laugh2
:fiona_01: Fiona 01 Fiona 01
:viannen_44: Viannen 44 Viannen 44
:liarliar: Liarliar Liarliar
:funny_post: Funny Post Funny Post
:viannen_78: Viannen 78 Viannen 78
:love together: Love Together Love Together
:goodpost: Goodpost Goodpost
:point: Point Point
:kez_09: Kez 09 Kez 09
:drag_10: Drag 10 Drag 10
:tatice_02: Tatice 02 Tatice 02
:puerto: Puerto Puerto
:Koshechka_08: Koshechka 08 Koshechka 08
:d_lovers: D Lovers D Lovers
:thumb_thisthreadisw Thumb Thisthreadisworthlesswithoutp Thumb Thisthreadisworthlesswithoutp
:Laie_20: Laie 20 Laie 20
:Elffy_12: Elffy 12 Elffy 12
:to_clue: To Clue To Clue
:Laie_49: Laie 49 Laie 49
:Elffy_44: Elffy 44 Elffy 44
:vacs: Vacs Vacs
:Laie_76A: Laie 76A Laie 76A
:fart: Fart Fart
:viannen_29: Viannen 29 Viannen 29
:lehoprese: Lehoprese Lehoprese
:focus: Focus Focus
:viannen_61: Viannen 61 Viannen 61
:cold: Cold Cold
:lookaltrans: Lookaltrans Lookaltrans
:glasses: Glasses Glasses
:walk: Walk Walk
:5: 5 5
:l_hug: L Hug L Hug
:hailme: Hailme Hailme
:wideeyed: Wideeyed Wideeyed
:38: 38 38
:man_in_love: Man In Love Man In Love
:hehe: Hehe Hehe
:zagruz: Zagruz Zagruz
:rebel_mad: Rebel Mad Rebel Mad
:60: 60 60
:mod: Mod Mod
:hump: Hump Hump
:connie_31: Connie 31 Connie 31
:rulez: Rulez Rulez
:air_kiss: Air Kiss Air Kiss
:nah: Nah Nah
:innocent: Innocent Innocent
:connie_explosion: Connie Explosion Connie Explosion
:santa3: Santa3 Santa3
:assassin: Assassin Assassin
:nosok_03: Nosok 03 Nosok 03
:connie_mini_glasses Connie Mini Glasses Connie Mini Glasses
:shaun: Shaun Shaun
:biggrin_mini2: Biggrin Mini2 Biggrin Mini2
:omg: Omg Omg
:connie_mini_undecid Connie Mini Undecided Connie Mini Undecided
:sleepy1: Sleepy1 Sleepy1
:bow_arrow: Bow Arrow Bow Arrow
:party2: Party2 Party2
:couch2: Couch2 Couch2
:snoozer_koo-koo_min Snoozer Koo Koo Mini Snoozer Koo Koo Mini
:clap2: Clap2 Clap2
:PDT_Armataz_11: PDT Armataz 11 PDT Armataz 11
:deserto: Deserto Deserto
:stink: Stink Stink
:happy9: Happy9 Happy9
:yahoo_mini: Yahoo Mini Yahoo Mini
:rave: Rave Rave
:052: 052 052
:hmh: Hmh Hmh
:connie_16: Connie 16 Connie 16
:rockon: Rockon Rockon
:104: 104 104
:mr47_05: Mr47 05 Mr47 05
:icon55: Icon55 Icon55
:connie_aging: Connie Aging Connie Aging
:sad3: Sad3 Sad3
:angel8: Angel8 Angel8
:nhl_fight: Nhl Fight Nhl Fight
:connie_mini_clownba Connie Mini Clownballoon Connie Mini Clownballoon
:scout_en: Scout En Scout En
:bday: Bday Bday
:occasion15: Occasion15 Occasion15
:connie_mini_pray: Connie Mini Pray Connie Mini Pray
:sign14: Sign14 Sign14
:blush2: Blush2 Blush2
:paint: Paint Paint
:connie_sharkycircle Connie Sharkycircle Connie Sharkycircle
:smiley-poker: Smiley Poker Smiley Poker
:byez: Byez Byez
:PDT_Armataz_02_25: PDT Armataz 02 25 PDT Armataz 02 25
:dash1: Dash1 Dash1
:speechless: Speechless Speechless
:phi: Phi Phi
:jk: Jk Jk
:dntknw: Dntknw Dntknw
:surprised: Surprised Surprised
:pottytrain1: Pottytrain1 Pottytrain1
:kirtsun_03: Kirtsun 03 Kirtsun 03
:d_birthday: D Birthday D Birthday
:thank_you2: Thank You2 Thank You2
:Laie_5: Laie 5 Laie 5
:ehila-rock: Ehila Rock Ehila Rock
:tongue9: Tongue9 Tongue9
:Laie_34: Laie 34 Laie 34
:Elffy_29: Elffy 29 Elffy 29
:tussor: Tussor Tussor
:Laie_62A: Laie 62A Laie 62A
:evil5: Evil5 Evil5
:viannen_14: Viannen 14 Viannen 14
:laugh4: Laugh4 Laugh4
:Fiorellini: Fiorellini Fiorellini
:viannen_46: Viannen 46 Viannen 46
:lie: Lie Lie
:furioso: Furioso Furioso
:viannen_80: Viannen 80 Viannen 80
:--D: D D
:l_birthday: L Birthday L Birthday
:gossip: Gossip Gossip
:werd: Werd Werd
:023: 023 023
:l_teddy: L Teddy L Teddy
:punch: Punch Punch
:Koshechka_10: Koshechka 10 Koshechka 10
:d_Pocket_PC: D Pocket PC D Pocket PC
:timidone: Timidone Timidone
:Laie_22: Laie 22 Laie 22
:Elffy_14: Elffy 14 Elffy 14
:to_pick_ones_nose: To Pick Ones Nose To Pick Ones Nose
:Laie_51: Laie 51 Laie 51
:elvis-rock: Elvis Rock Elvis Rock
:vedo: Vedo Vedo
:Laie_76Bmini: Laie 76Bmini Laie 76Bmini
:feednoob: Feednoob Feednoob
:viannen_31: Viannen 31 Viannen 31
:lex_01: Lex 01 Lex 01
:fool_mini: Fool Mini Fool Mini
:viannen_64: Viannen 64 Viannen 64
:comando: Comando Comando
:love-sign: Love Sign Love Sign
:glasses2: Glasses2 Glasses2
:wanting: Wanting Wanting
:006: 006 006
:l_kiss: L Kiss L Kiss
:hamster: Hamster Hamster
:wink2: Wink2 Wink2
:039: 039 039
:marija_01: Marija 01 Marija 01
:hello: Hello Hello
:zizi: Zizi Zizi
:rebel_o: Rebel O Rebel O
:66: 66 66
:modownz: Modownz Modownz
:hungry: Hungry Hungry
:connie_33: Connie 33 Connie 33
:Rulezzz_01: Rulezzz 01 Rulezzz 01
:alcoholic: Alcoholic Alcoholic
:nananana: Nananana Nananana
:intello: Intello Intello
:connie_finishline: Connie Finishline Connie Finishline
:sarcastic_hand: Sarcastic Hand Sarcastic Hand
:astronomer2: Astronomer2 Astronomer2
:nosok_06: Nosok 06 Nosok 06
:connie_mini_hearspe Connie Mini Hearspeaksee Connie Mini Hearspeaksee
:shocked: Shocked Shocked
:bird: Bird Bird
:online2long: Online2long Online2long
:connie_ouchcactus: Connie Ouchcactus Connie Ouchcactus
:sleepy3: Sleepy3 Sleepy3
:bravo: Bravo Bravo
:patsak: Patsak Patsak
:crigon_01: Crigon 01 Crigon 01
:snoozer_medal_mini: Snoozer Medal Mini Snoozer Medal Mini
:clapping_mini: Clapping Mini Clapping Mini
:PDT_Armataz_13: PDT Armataz 13 PDT Armataz 13
:director: Director Director
:stordita: Stordita Stordita
:Police: Police Police
:kez_11: Kez 11 Kez 11
:drink2_mini: Drink2 Mini Drink2 Mini
:tatice_04: Tatice 04 Tatice 04
:mellow: Mellow Mellow
:home: Home Home
:connie_18: Connie 18 Connie 18
:rofl_mini: Rofl Mini Rofl Mini
:106: 106 106
:icon_zombie: Icon Zombie Icon Zombie
:connie_babyincrib: Connie Babyincrib Connie Babyincrib
:sad5: Sad5 Sad5
:angel10: Angel10 Angel10
:nini: Nini Nini
:connie_mini_cry: Connie Mini Cry Connie Mini Cry
:sealed: Sealed Sealed
:beatup: Beatup Beatup
:occasion17: Occasion17 Occasion17
:connie_mini_pullton Connie Mini Pulltongue Connie Mini Pulltongue
:sign17: Sign17 Sign17
:boat: Boat Boat
:paint3: Paint3 Paint3
:connie_skilletgirl: Connie Skilletgirl Connie Skilletgirl
:smiley_705: Smiley 705 Smiley 705
:caked: Caked Caked
:PDT_Armataz_02_27: PDT Armataz 02 27 PDT Armataz 02 27
:dash3: Dash3 Dash3
:spit: Spit Spit
:pig_ball: Pig Ball Pig Ball
:jules3: Jules3 Jules3
:dontknow: Dontknow Dontknow
:surrender1: Surrender1 Surrender1
:pottytrain3: Pottytrain3 Pottytrain3
:kirtsun_05: Kirtsun 05 Kirtsun 05
:d_bubble: D Bubble D Bubble
:that: That That
:Laie_7: Laie 7 Laie 7
:Elf-Demon_02: Elf Demon 02 Elf Demon 02
:tongues: Tongues Tongues
:Laie_36: Laie 36 Laie 36
:Elffy_31: Elffy 31 Elffy 31
:tuxout: Tuxout Tuxout
:Laie_64: Laie 64 Laie 64
:evil7: Evil7 Evil7
:viannen_16: Viannen 16 Viannen 16
:laughing1: Laughing1 Laughing1
:firefire: Firefire Firefire
:viannen_48: Viannen 48 Viannen 48
:likeopera_girl: Likeopera Girl Likeopera Girl
:gamer1: Gamer1 Gamer1
:viannen_82: Viannen 82 Viannen 82
:01: 01 01
:l_bubble: L Bubble L Bubble
:grandf-rock: Grandf Rock Grandf Rock
:whatever_02: Whatever 02 Whatever 02
:24: 24 24
:l_training: L Training L Training
:happy11: Happy11 Happy11
:yell: Yell Yell
:Raziel_01: Raziel 01 Raziel 01
:53: 53 53
:Laie_23mini: Laie 23mini Laie 23mini
:Elffy_16: Elffy 16 Elffy 16
:to_pick_ones_nose3: To Pick Ones Nose3 To Pick Ones Nose3
:Laie_53: Laie 53 Laie 53
:embarassed: Embarassed Embarassed
:viannen_01: Viannen 01 Viannen 01
:Laie_77: Laie 77 Laie 77
:feminist: Feminist Feminist
:viannen_33: Viannen 33 Viannen 33
:lex_03: Lex 03 Lex 03
:freak: Freak Freak
:viannen_66: Viannen 66 Viannen 66
:comp: Comp Comp
:love2: Love2 Love2
:glasses6: Glasses6 Glasses6
:warning: Warning Warning
:7: 7 7
:l_lovers: L Lovers L Lovers
:hang1: Hang1 Hang1
:winktongue: Winktongue Winktongue
:040: 040 040
:Mauridia_02: Mauridia 02 Mauridia 02
:help-me: Help Me Help Me
:zonked: Zonked Zonked
:rebel_p: Rebel P Rebel P
:069: 069 069
:moinmoin_01: Moinmoin 01 Moinmoin 01
:hurt: Hurt Hurt
:connie_35: Connie 35 Connie 35
:Rulezzz_03: Rulezzz 03 Rulezzz 03
:Alex_01: Alex 01 Alex 01
:nauchao: Nauchao Nauchao
:ireful2: Ireful2 Ireful2
:connie_garoo: Connie Garoo Connie Garoo
:sbav: Sbav Sbav
:baby: Baby Baby
:note: Note Note
:connie_mini_itsabir Connie Mini Itsabird Connie Mini Itsabird
:shok: Shok Shok
:bj: Bj Bj
:on_the_quiet2: On The Quiet2 On The Quiet2
:connie_pacifier: Connie Pacifier Connie Pacifier
:sleepy5: Sleepy5 Sleepy5
:breakdance: Breakdance Breakdance
:PDT_Armataz_01: PDT Armataz 01 PDT Armataz 01
:crigon_03: Crigon 03 Crigon 03
:soer_01: Soer 01 Soer 01
:closed_2: Closed 2 Closed 2
:PDT_Armataz_15: PDT Armataz 15 PDT Armataz 15
:dirol: Dirol Dirol
:struck: Struck Struck
:polling: Polling Polling
:kez_13: Kez 13 Kez 13
:drive2: Drive2 Drive2
:tatice_06: Tatice 06 Tatice 06
:punish2: Punish2 Punish2
:koshecka_12: Koshecka 12 Koshecka 12
:d_sunny: D Sunny D Sunny
:To funny: To Funny To Funny
:idea1: Idea1 Idea1
:connie_boy_cleangla Connie Boy Cleanglasses Connie Boy Cleanglasses
:sad7: Sad7 Sad7
:angel12: Angel12 Angel12
:nitro: Nitro Nitro
:connie_mini_dance-2 Connie Mini Dance 2 Connie Mini Dance 2
:second: Second Second
:beer-rock: Beer Rock Beer Rock
:Off-Topic2: Off Topic2 Off Topic2
:connie_mini_rofl: Connie Mini Rofl Connie Mini Rofl
:sign19: Sign19 Sign19
:book: Book Book
:panda: Panda Panda
:connie_slingshot: Connie Slingshot Connie Slingshot
:smiley_1254: Smiley 1254 Smiley 1254
:canada: Canada Canada
:PDT_Armataz_02_29: PDT Armataz 02 29 PDT Armataz 02 29
:ddd_01: Ddd 01 Ddd 01
:spkfnr: Spkfnr Spkfnr
:pimpride8lr: Pimpride8lr Pimpride8lr
:kaos: Kaos Kaos
:downtown: Downtown Downtown
:suspicious: Suspicious Suspicious
:pottytrain5: Pottytrain5 Pottytrain5
:kiss3: Kiss3 Kiss3
:d_clock: D Clock D Clock
:thefinger: Thefinger Thefinger
:Laie_9: Laie 9 Laie 9
:Elffy_1: Elffy 1 Elffy 1
:toot: Toot Toot
:Laie_38: Laie 38 Laie 38
:Elffy_33: Elffy 33 Elffy 33
:twitch: Twitch Twitch
:Laie_66: Laie 66 Laie 66
:evilidea: Evilidea Evilidea
:viannen_18: Viannen 18 Viannen 18
:laughing4: Laughing4 Laughing4
:first_move: First Move First Move
:viannen_50: Viannen 50 Viannen 50
:llama: Llama Llama
:gamer3: Gamer3 Gamer3
:violent-smiley-041: Violent Smiley 041 Violent Smiley 041
:1: 1 1
:l_cherry: L Cherry L Cherry
:grin: Grin Grin
:whip: Whip Whip
:026: 026 026
:l_upset: L Upset L Upset
:hat: Hat Hat
:yes3: Yes3 Yes3
:read2: Read2 Read2
:54: 54 54
:merror: Merror Merror
:hooray: Hooray Hooray
:connie_20: Connie 20 Connie 20
:rolleyesvb: Rolleyesvb Rolleyesvb
:111: 111 111
:Laie_54: Laie 54 Laie 54
:emptybath: Emptybath Emptybath
:viannen_03: Viannen 03 Viannen 03
:Laie_79: Laie 79 Laie 79
:fencing: Fencing Fencing
:viannen_35: Viannen 35 Viannen 35
:lex_05: Lex 05 Lex 05
:friends: Friends Friends
:viannen_68: Viannen 68 Viannen 68
:congratulations_2b: Congratulations 2b Congratulations 2b
:love4: Love4 Love4
:glasses8: Glasses8 Glasses8
:washing: Washing Washing
:008: 008 008
:l_moto: L Moto L Moto
:hang3: Hang3 Hang3
:wink_mini: Wink Mini Wink Mini
:041: 041 041
:Mauridia_04: Mauridia 04 Mauridia 04
:help3: Help3 Help3
:zzz: Zzz Zzz
:rebel_sad: Rebel Sad Rebel Sad
:70: 70 70
:money: Money Money
:Hyron_01: Hyron 01 Hyron 01
:connie_37: Connie 37 Connie 37
:Rulezzz_05: Rulezzz 05 Rulezzz 05
:ambulance: Ambulance Ambulance
:nea_mini: Nea Mini Nea Mini
:iroc: Iroc Iroc
:connie_girl_pet_kit Connie Girl Pet Kitty Connie Girl Pet Kitty
:scare: Scare Scare
:ban: Ban Ban
:not_i: Not I Not I
:connie_mini_jumpbed Connie Mini Jumpbed Connie Mini Jumpbed
:shout_mini: Shout Mini Shout Mini
:blob3: Blob3 Blob3
:oops: Oops Oops
:connie_pinnochio: Connie Pinnochio Connie Pinnochio
:slow: Slow Slow
:broski: Broski Broski
:PDT_Armataz_01_02: PDT Armataz 01 02 PDT Armataz 01 02
:cwm10: Cwm10 Cwm10
:sombrero2: Sombrero2 Sombrero2
:cluebat: Cluebat Cluebat
:PDT_Armataz_17: PDT Armataz 17 PDT Armataz 17
:disagree: Disagree Disagree
:stuck: Stuck Stuck
:pooh_birth_day: Pooh Birth Day Pooh Birth Day
:kez_15: Kez 15 Kez 15
:dropcheer: Dropcheer Dropcheer
:tatice_08: Tatice 08 Tatice 08
:pwned: Pwned Pwned
:kult: Kult Kult
:d_teddy: D Teddy D Teddy
:tomato2: Tomato2 Tomato2
:Laie_25: Laie 25 Laie 25
:Elffy_18: Elffy 18 Elffy 18
:to_take_umbrage: To Take Umbrage To Take Umbrage
:nod: Nod Nod
:connie_mini_eatfish Connie Mini Eatfishy Connie Mini Eatfishy
:secret_mini: Secret Mini Secret Mini
:behindsofa: Behindsofa Behindsofa
:offtopic: Offtopic Offtopic
:connie_mini_smiley: Connie Mini Smiley Connie Mini Smiley
:sinus_01: Sinus 01 Sinus 01
:boom: Boom Boom
:paratrooper: Paratrooper Paratrooper
:connie_witchy: Connie Witchy Connie Witchy
:smile_mini2: Smile Mini2 Smile Mini2
:cards: Cards Cards
:PDT_Armataz_02_31: PDT Armataz 02 31 PDT Armataz 02 31
:deal: Deal Deal
:spy: Spy Spy
:pioneer_smoke: Pioneer Smoke Pioneer Smoke
:kev: Kev Kev
:drag_01: Drag 01 Drag 01
:swoon2: Swoon2 Swoon2
:pout: Pout Pout
:Kiss of love: Kiss Of Love Kiss Of Love
:d_daisy: D Daisy D Daisy
:this-rock-suck: This Rock Suck This Rock Suck
:Laie_11: Laie 11 Laie 11
:Elffy_3: Elffy 3 Elffy 3
:toothy2: Toothy2 Toothy2
:Laie_40: Laie 40 Laie 40
:Elffy_35: Elffy 35 Elffy 35
:typing: Typing Typing
:Laie_69: Laie 69 Laie 69
:excite: Excite Excite
:viannen_20: Viannen 20 Viannen 20
:laughing6: Laughing6 Laughing6
:fish2: Fish2 Fish2
:viannen_52: Viannen 52 Viannen 52
:locked: Locked Locked
:gasp: Gasp Gasp
:violent1: Violent1 Violent1
:002: 002 002
:l_coffee: L Coffee L Coffee
:grouphug: Grouphug Grouphug
:whis: Whis Whis
:027: 027 027
:m0rphine: M0rphine M0rphine
:headache: Headache Headache
:yess: Yess Yess
:realmad: Realmad Realmad
:055: 055 055
:mh-no: Mh No Mh No
:horrified: Horrified Horrified
:connie_22: Connie 22 Connie 22
:rolling: Rolling Rolling
:114: 114 114
:mumble: Mumble Mumble
:idol: Idol Idol
:connie_crazyperson: Connie Crazyperson Connie Crazyperson
:sad9: Sad9 Sad9
:angel_mini: Angel Mini Angel Mini
:epilessia: Epilessia Epilessia
:viannen_05: Viannen 05 Viannen 05
:Laie_81: Laie 81 Laie 81
:fest: Fest Fest
:viannen_37: Viannen 37 Viannen 37
:lex_07: Lex 07 Lex 07
:frownvb: Frownvb Frownvb
:viannen_70: Viannen 70 Viannen 70
:connie_08: Connie 08 Connie 08
:love6: Love6 Love6
:glasses10: Glasses10 Glasses10
:wave: Wave Wave
:9: 9 9
:l_Pocket_PC: L Pocket PC L Pocket PC
:happy: Happy Happy
:wizard: Wizard Wizard
:rambo: Rambo Rambo
:044: 044 044
:Mauridia_07: Mauridia 07 Mauridia 07
:hi: Hi Hi
:connie_2: Connie 2 Connie 2
:rebel_wink: Rebel Wink Rebel Wink
:75: 75 75
:moony: Moony Moony
:Hyron_03: Hyron 03 Hyron 03
:connie_39: Connie 39 Connie 39
:Rulezzz_07: Rulezzz 07 Rulezzz 07
:amici: Amici Amici
:nerd: Nerd Nerd
:israel: Israel Israel
:connie_mama: Connie Mama Connie Mama
:scared: Scared Scared
:band: Band Band
:nunjacku: Nunjacku Nunjacku
:connie_mini_kitty: Connie Mini Kitty Connie Mini Kitty
:shutup2: Shutup2 Shutup2
:blob6: Blob6 Blob6
:connie_pullpigtails Connie Pullpigtails Connie Pullpigtails
:smash: Smash Smash
:bsflag: Bsflag Bsflag
:PDT_Armataz_01_04: PDT Armataz 01 04 PDT Armataz 01 04
:cxp: Cxp Cxp
:sorry: Sorry Sorry
:PDT_Armataz_19: PDT Armataz 19 PDT Armataz 19
:jap: Jap Jap
:disobedient: Disobedient Disobedient
:stupid: Stupid Stupid
:pooh_go: Pooh Go Pooh Go
:kez_17: Kez 17 Kez 17
:drummer: Drummer Drummer
:tea: Tea Tea
:qwe: Qwe Qwe
:kuzya_02: Kuzya 02 Kuzya 02
:d_training: D Training D Training
:tommy: Tommy Tommy
:Laie_27: Laie 27 Laie 27
:Elffy_20: Elffy 20 Elffy 20
:travirgolette: Travirgolette Travirgolette
:Laie_56: Laie 56 Laie 56
:oh: Oh Oh
:connie_mini_spin: Connie Mini Spin Connie Mini Spin
:sit: Sit Sit
:bootyshake: Bootyshake Bootyshake
:pardon: Pardon Pardon
:connie_zombie: Connie Zombie Connie Zombie
:smoke_cloud: Smoke Cloud Smoke Cloud
:chefigura: Chefigura Chefigura
:PDT_Armataz_02_33: PDT Armataz 02 33 PDT Armataz 02 33
:decision: Decision Decision
:sss: Sss Sss
:piss: Piss Piss
:kez_02: Kez 02 Kez 02
:drag_03: Drag 03 Drag 03
:tank: Tank Tank
:prankster2: Prankster2 Prankster2
:knight: Knight Knight
:d_girl_kiss: D Girl Kiss D Girl Kiss
:threaten: Threaten Threaten
:Laie_13: Laie 13 Laie 13
:Elffy_5: Elffy 5 Elffy 5
:toothy4: Toothy4 Toothy4
:Laie_42: Laie 42 Laie 42
:Elffy_37: Elffy 37 Elffy 37
:unknw: Unknw Unknw
:Laie_71mini: Laie 71mini Laie 71mini
:eyebrows: Eyebrows Eyebrows
:viannen_22: Viannen 22 Viannen 22
:laughing8: Laughing8 Laughing8
:flame: Flame Flame
:viannen_54: Viannen 54 Viannen 54
:locomotive: Locomotive Locomotive
:gay: Gay Gay
:violent5: Violent5 Violent5
:03: 03 03
:l_dance: L Dance L Dance
:growrose: Growrose Growrose
:whistle: Whistle Whistle
:32: 32 32
:madgrin: Madgrin Madgrin
:headhurt: Headhurt Headhurt
:yikes: Yikes Yikes
:rebel_biggrin: Rebel Biggrin Rebel Biggrin
:056: 056 056
:middlefingur: Middlefingur Middlefingur
:hot over you: Hot Over You Hot Over You
:connie_24: Connie 24 Connie 24
:rotfl2: Rotfl2 Rotfl2
:1161: 1161 1161
:munky2: Munky2 Munky2
:ignat_02: Ignat 02 Ignat 02
:connie_duckyfllyfas Connie Duckyfllyfast Connie Duckyfllyfast
:sad11: Sad11 Sad11
:anna-horosho_01: Anna Horosho 01 Anna Horosho 01
:nondirlo: Nondirlo Nondirlo
:connie_mini_girlcry Connie Mini Girlcry2 Connie Mini Girlcry2
:sensored: Sensored Sensored
:beta: Beta Beta
:Laie_83: Laie 83 Laie 83
:fifi: Fifi Fifi
:viannen_39: Viannen 39 Viannen 39
:lex_09: Lex 09 Lex 09
:fry: Fry Fry
:viannen_72: Viannen 72 Viannen 72
:love8: Love8 Love8
:glasses12: Glasses12 Glasses12
:weeper_01: Weeper 01 Weeper 01
:11: 11 11
:l_roller: L Roller L Roller
:happy2: Happy2 Happy2
:workout: Workout Workout
:rant: Rant Rant
:45: 45 45
:mblah05: Mblah05 Mblah05
:hiding: Hiding Hiding
:connie_4: Connie 4 Connie 4
:refuse: Refuse Refuse
:079: 079 079
:mosking: Mosking Mosking
:Hyron_05: Hyron 05 Hyron 05
:connie_41: Connie 41 Connie 41
:Rulezzz_09: Rulezzz 09 Rulezzz 09
:ange: Ange Ange
:newyear: Newyear Newyear
:connie_mini_alien: Connie Mini Alien Connie Mini Alien
:scaut_en: Scaut En Scaut En
:banger: Banger Banger
:nyam: Nyam Nyam
:connie_mini_lick_en Connie Mini Lick Envelope Connie Mini Lick Envelope
:sign2: Sign2 Sign2
:blob8: Blob8 Blob8
:out: Out Out
:connie_pumpkinsmile Connie Pumpkinsmile Connie Pumpkinsmile
:Smayly_2: Smayly 2 Smayly 2
:bump: Bump Bump
:PDT_Armataz_02_18: PDT Armataz 02 18 PDT Armataz 02 18
:dance2: Dance2 Dance2
:spam: Spam Spam
:pee: Pee Pee
:jerk: Jerk Jerk
:dizzy: Dizzy Dizzy
:suicide: Suicide Suicide
:pooh_lol: Pooh Lol Pooh Lol
:KidRock_07: KidRock 07 KidRock 07
:drunken_smilie: Drunken Smilie Drunken Smilie
:tearyeyed: Tearyeyed Tearyeyed
:ky: Ky Ky
:d_upset: D Upset D Upset
:tongue2: Tongue2 Tongue2
:Laie_29: Laie 29 Laie 29
:Elffy_22: Elffy 22 Elffy 22
:triniti: Triniti Triniti
:Laie_58: Laie 58 Laie 58
:ermm: Ermm Ermm
:viannen_07: Viannen 07 Viannen 07
:bottled0wl: Bottled0wl Bottled0wl
:parolacce: Parolacce Parolacce
:cook: Cook Cook
:smow: Smow Smow
:ciaofrescone: Ciaofrescone Ciaofrescone
:PDT_Armataz_02_35: PDT Armataz 02 35 PDT Armataz 02 35
:ded_moroz: Ded Moroz Ded Moroz
:starwars: Starwars Starwars
:plane: Plane Plane
:kez_04: Kez 04 Kez 04
:drag_05: Drag 05 Drag 05
:tape: Tape Tape
:praying: Praying Praying
:ko: Ko Ko
:d_guess: D Guess D Guess
:thumb: Thumb Thumb
:Laie_15: Laie 15 Laie 15
:Elffy_7: Elffy 7 Elffy 7
:toothy6: Toothy6 Toothy6
:Laie_44: Laie 44 Laie 44
:Elffy_39: Elffy 39 Elffy 39
:unseen: Unseen Unseen
:Laie_73: Laie 73 Laie 73
:facciadiwill: Facciadiwill Facciadiwill
:viannen_24: Viannen 24 Viannen 24
:laughing11: Laughing11 Laughing11
:flock: Flock Flock
:viannen_56: Viannen 56 Viannen 56
:lol: Lol Lol
:German: German German
:vishenka: Vishenka Vishenka
:003: 003 003
:l_girl_kiss: L Girl Kiss L Girl Kiss
:guitar: Guitar Guitar
:whistle3: Whistle3 Whistle3
:033: 033 033
:mad_mini: Mad Mini Mad Mini
:heart: Heart Heart
:yoos_01: Yoos 01 Yoos 01
:rebel_cry: Rebel Cry Rebel Cry
:57: 57 57
:missu: Missu Missu
:hug: Hug Hug
:connie_26: Connie 26 Connie 26
:rotflserio: Rotflserio Rotflserio
:action: Action Action
:music_mini: Music Mini Music Mini
:I love you1: I Love You1 I Love You1
:connie_duckymom: Connie Duckymom Connie Duckymom
:sad_mini2: Sad Mini2 Sad Mini2
:aoh: Aoh Aoh
:nono: Nono Nono
:connie_mini_girlsno Connie Mini Girlsnore Connie Mini Girlsnore
:shablon_01: Shablon 01 Shablon 01
:BewareSpam: BewareSpam BewareSpam
:ohmygod2: Ohmygod2 Ohmygod2
:connie_mini_swatbug Connie Mini Swatbug Connie Mini Swatbug
:skleroz: Skleroz Skleroz
:lex_11: Lex 11 Lex 11
:fucyc: Fucyc Fucyc
:viannen_75: Viannen 75 Viannen 75
:love10: Love10 Love10
:go: Go Go
:wela: Wela Wela
:16: 16 16
:l_sparrow: L Sparrow L Sparrow
:happy4: Happy4 Happy4
:xmas: Xmas Xmas
:rap: Rap Rap
:048: 048 048
:mdr: Mdr Mdr
:high5: High5 High5
:connie_6: Connie 6 Connie 6
:resent: Resent Resent
:080: 080 080
:moved: Moved Moved
:i-m_so_happy: I M So Happy I M So Happy
:connie_43: Connie 43 Connie 43
:russian: Russian Russian
:angel2: Angel2 Angel2
:nhl: Nhl Nhl
:connie_mini_babyduc Connie Mini Babyduck Connie Mini Babyduck
:sclerosis: Sclerosis Sclerosis
:bath: Bath Bath
:occasion1: Occasion1 Occasion1
:connie_mini_magnify Connie Mini Magnify Connie Mini Magnify
:sign5: Sign5 Sign5
:blob10: Blob10 Blob10
:owned: Owned Owned
:connie_radish: Connie Radish Connie Radish
:smile3: Smile3 Smile3
:bunny: Bunny Bunny
:PDT_Armataz_02_20: PDT Armataz 02 20 PDT Armataz 02 20
:dance4: Dance4 Dance4
:spam4: Spam4 Spam4
:peep: Peep Peep
:jester: Jester Jester
:dj40: Dj40 Dj40
:sun_bespectacled: Sun Bespectacled Sun Bespectacled
:pop2: Pop2 Pop2
:king: King King
:duckie: Duckie Duckie
:teddie_04: Teddie 04 Teddie 04
:laie_01: Laie 01 Laie 01
:ear: Ear Ear
:tongue4: Tongue4 Tongue4
:Laie_30B: Laie 30B Laie 30B
:Elffy_24: Elffy 24 Elffy 24
:triste: Triste Triste
:Laie_60A: Laie 60A Laie 60A
:euiau: Euiau Euiau
:viannen_09: Viannen 09 Viannen 09
:lalala: Lalala Lalala
:fight: Fight Fight
:viannen_41: Viannen 41 Viannen 41
:ciggy: Ciggy Ciggy
:PDT_Armataz_02_37: PDT Armataz 02 37 PDT Armataz 02 37
:ded_snegurochka2: Ded Snegurochka2 Ded Snegurochka2
:stfu: Stfu Stfu
:pleasantry: Pleasantry Pleasantry
:kez_06: Kez 06 Kez 06
:drag_07: Drag 07 Drag 07
:tard: Tard Tard
:preved: Preved Preved
:Koshechka_05: Koshechka 05 Koshechka 05
:d_hug: D Hug D Hug
:thumbsdown: Thumbsdown Thumbsdown
:Laie_17: Laie 17 Laie 17
:Elffy_9: Elffy 9 Elffy 9
:toothy11: Toothy11 Toothy11
:Laie_46: Laie 46 Laie 46
:Elffy_41: Elffy 41 Elffy 41
:usa: Usa Usa
:Laie_75A: Laie 75A Laie 75A
:faint2: Faint2 Faint2
:viannen_26: Viannen 26 Viannen 26
:lazy2: Lazy2 Lazy2
:flowers: Flowers Flowers
:viannen_58: Viannen 58 Viannen 58
:cocktail: Cocktail Cocktail
:lolmen: Lolmen Lolmen
:ghz_01: Ghz 01 Ghz 01
:wacko: Wacko Wacko
:04: 04 04
:l_guess: L Guess L Guess
:guns: Guns Guns
:WhiteVoid_1: WhiteVoid 1 WhiteVoid 1
:34: 34 34
:mail1: Mail1 Mail1
:heart_mini: Heart Mini Heart Mini
:youyou-rock: Youyou Rock Youyou Rock
:rebel_happy: Rebel Happy Rebel Happy
:058: 058 058
:mixery_01: Mixery 01 Mixery 01
:huglove: Huglove Huglove
:connie_28: Connie 28 Connie 28
:rtfm: Rtfm Rtfm
:agree: Agree Agree
:my Heart fire up fo My Heart Fire Up For You My Heart Fire Up For You
:imbarazzeto: Imbarazzeto Imbarazzeto
:connie_eatfishy: Connie Eatfishy Connie Eatfishy
:salute: Salute Salute
:Archie_07: Archie 07 Archie 07
:noob: Noob Noob
:connie_mini_girltap Connie Mini Girltapfingers Connie Mini Girltapfingers
:shablon_03: Shablon 03 Shablon 03
:bigeyes: Bigeyes Bigeyes
:ok: Ok Ok
:connie_mini_teeth: Connie Mini Teeth Connie Mini Teeth
:slap: Slap Slap
:bow: Bow Bow
:parting2: Parting2 Parting2
:Cool2: Cool2 Cool2
:snoof: Snoof Snoof
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:bored: Bored Bored
:boxed: Boxed Boxed
:005: 005 005
:brig: Brig Brig
:09: 09 09
:010: 010 010
:012: 012 012
:14: 14 14
:18: 18 18
:022: 022 022
:blush_mini: Blush Mini Blush Mini
:boredom: Boredom Boredom
:2: 2 2
:bo_mini: Bo Mini Bo Mini
:08: 08 08
:^^: ^^ ^^
:009: 009 009
:011: 011 011
:013: 013 013
:17: 17 17
:20: 20 20
:blush: Blush Blush
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:51: 51 51
:091: 091 091
:Alvarin_32: Alvarin 32 Alvarin 32
:bom: Bom Bom
:connie_hotairballoo Connie Hotairballoon Connie Hotairballoon
:connie_tap: Connie Tap Connie Tap
:31: 31 31
:076: 076 076
:120: 120 120
:ballchain: Ballchain Ballchain
:chief_indian: Chief Indian Chief Indian
:connie_mini_girl_sm Connie Mini Girl Smelly Connie Mini Girl Smelly
:curtsey: Curtsey Curtsey
:61: 61 61
:093: 093 093
:angry1: Angry1 Angry1
:box: Box Box
:connie_jail: Connie Jail Connie Jail
:connie_twiddle: Connie Twiddle Connie Twiddle
:077: 077 077
:666: 666 666
:bangin: Bangin Bangin
:chris: Chris Chris
:connie_mini_search_ Connie Mini Search Sky Connie Mini Search Sky
:crybaby2: Crybaby2 Crybaby2
:35: 35 35
:063: 063 063
:095: 095 095
:angry3: Angry3 Angry3
:brows: Brows Brows
:connie_malesnore: Connie Malesnore Connie Malesnore
:connie_waterbonsai: Connie Waterbonsai Connie Waterbonsai
:abbattuto: Abbattuto Abbattuto
:banplease: Banplease Banplease
:confused1: Confused1 Confused1
:connie_mini_wipetea Connie Mini Wipetears Connie Mini Wipetears
:crucified: Crucified Crucified
:37: 37 37
:078: 078 078
:015: 015 015
:064: 064 064
:097: 097 097
:angry5: Angry5 Angry5
:bs: Bs Bs
:connie_mini_boyclea Connie Mini Boycleanglasses Connie Mini Boycleanglasses
:connie_wimperingbab Connie Wimperingbaby Connie Wimperingbaby
:beee: Beee Beee
:confused3: Confused3 Confused3
:connie_mini_yammer: Connie Mini Yammer Connie Mini Yammer
:042: 042 042
:083: 083 083
:aggressive_mini: Aggressive Mini Aggressive Mini
:016: 016 016
:065: 065 065
:099: 099 099
:angry7: Angry7 Angry7
:cc_hang: Cc Hang Cc Hang
:connie_mini_boytong Connie Mini Boytongue Connie Mini Boytongue
:crackup: Crackup Crackup
:confused5: Confused5 Confused5
:connie_nutzo: Connie Nutzo Connie Nutzo
:43: 43 43
:84: 84 84
:ahah: Ahah Ahah
:black-rock: Black Rock Black Rock
:018: 018 018
:68: 68 68
:107: 107 107
:angryfire: Angryfire Angryfire
:cell: Cell Cell
:connie_mini_buck: Connie Mini Buck Connie Mini Buck
:cray_mini: Cray Mini Cray Mini
:connie_oldman_glass Connie Oldman Glasses Connie Oldman Glasses
:46: 46 46
:086: 086 086
:Alex_03: Alex 03 Alex 03
:blah: Blah Blah
:connie_girlhideface Connie Girlhideface Connie Girlhideface
:019: 019 019
:073: 073 073
:112: 112 112
:arg: Arg Arg
:cesso: Cesso Cesso
:connie_mini_friends Connie Mini Friends Connie Mini Friends
:crazy: Crazy Crazy
:dinamo: Dinamo Dinamo
:connie_smelly: Connie Smelly Connie Smelly
:047: 047 047
:088: 088 088
:Alvarin_02: Alvarin 02 Alvarin 02
:blind: Blind Blind
:connie_girlsmelly: Connie Girlsmelly Connie Girlsmelly
:29: 29 29
:074: 074 074
:117: 117 117
:awe: Awe Awe
:chatterbox: Chatterbox Chatterbox
:connie_mini_girlcle Connie Mini Girlcleanglasses Connie Mini Girlcleanglasses
:crosseyed: Crosseyed Crosseyed
:diablo: Diablo Diablo
:50: 50 50
:090: 090 090
:Alvarin_31: Alvarin 31 Alvarin 31
:bolt: Bolt Bolt
:connie_hooked: Connie Hooked Connie Hooked
:connie_swatfly: Connie Swatfly Connie Swatfly
:030: 030 030
:075: 075 075
:119: 119 119
:azz: Azz Azz
:cheesey: Cheesey Cheesey
:connie_mini_girlcry Connie Mini Girlcry Connie Mini Girlcry
:cuss: Cuss Cuss
:59: 59 59
:092: 092 092
:Alvarin_33: Alvarin 33 Alvarin 33
:boo: Boo Boo
:connie_jackinabox: Connie Jackinabox Connie Jackinabox
:connie_testwall: Connie Testwall Connie Testwall
:76: 76 76
:321: 321 321
:BangHead: BangHead BangHead
:chok_mini: Chok Mini Chok Mini
:connie_mini_sailboa Connie Mini Sailboat Connie Mini Sailboat
:cry_smile: Cry Smile Cry Smile
:33: 33 33
:62: 62 62
:094: 094 094
:angry2: Angry2 Angry2
:brave: Brave Brave
:connie_lemon: Connie Lemon Connie Lemon
:connie_wackygirl: Connie Wackygirl Connie Wackygirl
:@: @ @
:banned3: Banned3 Banned3
:closedeyes: Closedeyes Closedeyes
:connie_mini_smelly: Connie Mini Smelly Connie Mini Smelly
:crutch: Crutch Crutch
:036: 036 036
:77: 77 77
:63: 63 63
:096: 096 096
:angry4: Angry4 Angry4
:brumbrum: Brumbrum Brumbrum
:connie_mini_boybye: Connie Mini Boybye Connie Mini Boybye
:connie_whirlybird: Connie Whirlybird Connie Whirlybird
:aggressive: Aggressive Aggressive
:beautiful-rock: Beautiful Rock Beautiful Rock
:confused2: Confused2 Confused2
:connie_mini_worrier Connie Mini Worrier Connie Mini Worrier
:037: 037 037
:081: 081 081
:15: 15 15
:64: 64 64
:098: 098 098
:angry6: Angry6 Angry6
:cavo: Cavo Cavo
:connie_mini_boycry: Connie Mini Boycry Connie Mini Boycry
:coolvb: Coolvb Coolvb
:bigmouth: Bigmouth Bigmouth
:confused4: Confused4 Confused4
:connie_mykilroy: Connie Mykilroy Connie Mykilroy
:42: 42 42
:084: 084 084
:ah-nono: Ah Nono Ah Nono
:017: 017 017
:65: 65 65
:100: 100 100
:angry8: Angry8 Angry8
:cc_rip: Cc Rip Cc Rip
:connie_mini_boywink Connie Mini Boywinky Connie Mini Boywinky
:cray: Cray Cray
:confusedvb: Confusedvb Confusedvb
:connie_oldman_clean Connie Oldman Cleanglasses Connie Oldman Cleanglasses
:44: 44 44
:085: 085 085
:ahnono: Ahnono Ahnono
:black_eye: Black Eye Black Eye
:dink: Dink Dink
:19: 19 19
:72: 72 72
:110: 110 110
:arf: Arf Arf
:censored: Censored Censored
:connie_mini_bump: Connie Mini Bump Connie Mini Bump
:cray_mini2: Cray Mini2 Cray Mini2
:connie_redx: Connie Redx Connie Redx
:47: 47 47
:087: 087 087
:alright: Alright Alright
:blahblah: Blahblah Blahblah
:connie_girlplayjack Connie Girlplayjacks Connie Girlplayjacks
:021: 021 021
:73: 73 73
:115: 115 115
:argue: Argue Argue
:chair: Chair Chair
:connie_mini_girlbye Connie Mini Girlbyebye Connie Mini Girlbyebye
:croc: Croc Croc
:die: Die Die
:49: 49 49
:089: 089 089
:Alvarin_07: Alvarin 07 Alvarin 07
:boink: Boink Boink
:connie_girl_search_ Connie Girl Search Sky Connie Girl Search Sky
:connie_smileysmashe Connie Smileysmasher Connie Smileysmasher
:30: 30 30
:74: 74 74
:118: 118 118
:aww: Aww Aww
:cheerleader: Cheerleader Cheerleader
:connie_mini_girlcra Connie Mini Girlcrazyeyes Connie Mini Girlcrazyeyes
:cussing: Cussing Cussing

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